Multiboxing - Multiple accounts - Rules

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…but i cant find anywhere official rules from AGS about 1 player owning multiple accounts on the same pc/hwid/ip.

Where i can find the official statement of Multiboxing/Multiple accounts from AGS?’

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW Can you help us ?

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I dont see any issue with having multiple accounts. But multiboxing is whole different thing.


There can be issues with both if we dont know the rules. :slight_smile:

If you own two accounts and play separately or on two machines theres noting illegal there. Every unique machine has different HWID. Nothing illegal there. Even if on same machine but not being logged at same time.

Multiboxing is using 3rd party software to play two or more accounts at the same time.

brother, i know all the info, i do not know the official answer/rules from AGS how players should handle this matter.

Do you know AGS’s statement?


Players may have one account, and should not create additional accounts to farm resources. You may have multiple characters on your main account, and can play your alt characters to further your main character progression.


While i do appreciate the answer i do not understand what you are allowed to do and not do. Can you forward this conversation so players should know better what should NOT do but with “Official statement”?

1: one account per ip. AGS Rule.
2: one account per player. AGS Rule.
3: one account per ip/pc/hwid.
4: which leads to players who live in the same building/family members, 2 accounts, 2 pcs, 2 hwids, different humans.
5: families with 2+ gamers that share1 pc/different steam accounts.

Thank you for your time. @megami


I’d imagine as long as you’re a human using the PCs it’s probably not an issue.

My wife and I game together in the same house on the same IP as seen below

So i don’t think that would be an issue.

However if someone is looking at using programs to enable multi client, I can see that becoming a major issue x_x


Thats awesome @Kova. I have the same thing in mind. Gaming with my kid, trying to hide the gaming hours under “Daughter - Father” bonding time :slight_smile: and i know thats not an issue but there are situations where multiple members of family (2-3) play from the same pc.

Lets just say you want to help your girlfriend with gold/stuff in game. Trading with her would be an issue?

Is that an issue?


I don’t think it would be? I mean I don’t see why it would be as long as everything was obtained through legitimate means.

As long as it’s one account accessing the game at a time on single hardware then it won’t be an issue. But accessing multiple accounts on one PC at the same time is probably a no no.

Let’s wait to hear back on this one from either the mods or @Roxx, @Seawolf or @Shadow_Fox :3

Also you’re a freaking awesome dad by the sounds of things. This will totally be core memories!!

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On the Korean version, the multi account is banned because it promotes gold inflation.

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rip people who bought multiple founder packs

Multiple Family Members playing LA should NOT be put in the position to not be able to enjoy the experience but in order to get the things right we kind of need to know where we stand.

Yes, i know 2 accounts - 2 steam - 2 pcs - same time is not a problem. How about the rest?

Amazon Games Studio do not care about poor ppl :slight_smile: Multiple players on the same pc = ban.

Not rly. Only one steam account can be running at time. So only one Lostark account can be logged at time.
Working around it = ban. But relogging steam to other account is not issue.

If it was issue, it would be another serious fiasco in binding game account to HWID.

I wasn’t really planning to have 2 accounts, but I thought this was fairly regular thing to do in other regions as a way to have more than 6 accounts on a server as F2P or to double up on resource farming.

Is this referring to multiboxing 2 accounts at the same time, or just can’t have 2 accounts period?

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Should not != forbidden.

Then if you have two computers, you can even run 2 accounts at same time. No way to prove that there is no 2nd person. And I dare Amazon to try invade someone’s privacy to find out.

A lot of people have multiple public IPs available too. They would not even fall under suspicion.

But in all honesty, Farming 6 characters is already big time sink. It is no longer fun, it is work. And since one can’t reasonably farm 2 accounts at same time even if person had 2 computers. (Want to see someone playing two raids at same time. I am abidextrous, and played split screen keyboard controlled games for 2 players many times. But Lostark with its controls? No way.)

And once it is accepted that person can’t simultaneously farm daily/weekly content, this entire thing stops being problem.
Simple. To boost main account from secondary requires trade. Same trade which is available to any other 6 characters on different server on primary account.

So why would I create 2nd account for farming when I can farm on another 6 characters present on different server?

Fact that one account has access to all servers in region and each server will support 6 characters makes need for farming account redundant.

If one wants to sell that account, then there is sadly no way to prevent it. But maybe someone just wants to prepare 2nd account for other person that does not have time to play at start.

But benefit of dual boxing does not exists. Just relog and play one account at time. Or have it on separate PC.

I think that it is fine if there are two accounts in the family or even three as long as each account has its own independent progress and does not interact with any other account.

The main reason as of why multiple accounts are not allowed ( correct me if i am wrong ) is because the players could by pass the daily and weekly dungeon/questing limits to get more gold and feed the main account which could in result in using unintended ways to make progress with one account besides also having even more gold inflation.

Megami literally just said that is not allowed a few posts up dude.

Bro, the official answer will always be “one account” because they sell character slots. You won’t get a different answer.

But…it’s a free to play game and in Korea/Russia, some people run two accounts. It’s really only if you truly no-life the game. But stop thinking you’re going to change the official position of AGS, because they make money selling character slots.