Multiboxing - Multiple accounts - Rules

This is precisely why most game ToS “forbid” multi boxing or playing multiple accounts but is impossible to enforce.

a) his wording is “should not”
b) owning multiple steam accounts as not only allowed, it is recommended by Valve for many use cases
c) You have any and every F2P game which is on steam available on each of your steam accounts.
d) Playing Lost Ark in West does not require giving up personal identification. Not even to confirm that player is adult.

Imho there is nothing to hide man, im sure your daughter will remember it as an amazing time with you as father :slight_smile:

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In KR they recently implemented changes to limit players weekly dungeons to 6 characters per account to curb inflation. If they are willing prevent players who paid real money for character slots earning gold it’s naive to think they won’t ban f2p or botter playing multiple steam accounts on the same PC.

The reply you give about personal identification isn’t relevant. No one cares about personal information that can easily be faked. Anti cheat software profiles you and the accounts you play by unique identifiers from hardware within your pc. It’s the digital equivalent of leaving dna at a crime scene.

Now obviously my reply sounds sensationalist but that is the reality of how anti cheat works. They may chooosw not to act, we don’t know, but people need to understand that they could, with ease. Your personal information does not matter at all. The pc you played off told them everything.

My initial point stands. If paying players are not allowed to earn more gold doing more dungeons. do you really think f2p players will be?

Why would they ban players playing multiple steam accounts on the same hwid/pc ?

So, if my husband and me want to play together on this game, is it possible ? I’m sorry i don’t understand and don’t want to be banned.

If you have different Steam accounts, shouldn’t be a problem.

On KR server there is a limit for every player to have max 5 accounts in LOA.


For sure we have and we have 2 differents computers :slight_smile:

If you’re playing from the same house but with different Steam accounts across players, you’ll be fine


Ok thank you so much for your answer <3 I’m so impatient, can’t wait the 8th :slight_smile:

Can you clarify what different steam accounts across players means?

Do you mean of different players playing with different steam accounts? Aka 1 steam account per player as megami stated above?

I don’t understand how you can differentiate:
1/ a house with 2 people and 2 steam account
2/ a house with 1 guy with 2 steam account (using the 2nd one to provide things to the first one)

it’s just impossible

When 1 month pass and all the player does from 1 of the accounts is transfer things for the other you can figure out its 1 player, not 2 different

On new world they were unable to detect a fishing bot (reported by almost everyone) that was fishing all day for…more than 2 months!


this is not New world. Maybe it will be the same, maybe it wont. We will know in some months i guess

I hope it won’t :smiley:


Luckily it’s not their game nor their anti cheat :smiley:

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so multiboxing, which directly punishes all other players, is allowed but using a vpn, which has no impact on other players at all, is a bannable offense? lol. great.

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