Multiboxxing/Goldsellers/Botters Are A REAL Problem!

One thing that has been consistently annoying through out MMOs is the lack of action towards gold sellers/botters/multiboxers. Just standing in Luttera mailbox for 10 minutes and I have seen roughly 15-25 accounts multiboxing together. Most of these people are gold sellers that are exploiting the system currencies and funneling them to gold selling accounts. Just about every 2 minutes another account comes to the mail box like clockwork. This game is being exploited massively right now and we will begin to see the repercussions of that very soon. If you just had a couple game masters online at a time you would be banning hundreds of accounts. I’m warning you that if this is not addressed soon it will cause a lot of players to quit. The integrity of an MMO is fundamental to player retention. Please do not ignore these issues for the sake of the longevity of this game. I got dozens of screenshots of proof and would like to submit them along with reports.


im sure they are very well aware of this situation but you will never fully stop bots from coming into any mmo to sell gold… this seems to be a constant problem that im reading in the beginner zones I have not really seen a problem since i have progressed far into the story. and when i see them I block them immediately.

Lmao, so I thought it was just the channel I was on where the bots were at the mailbox in luterra. EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL is FULL of botters at the mailbox. I’d estimate were looking at hundreds up hundreds of accounts botting right now in plain view.

I think it’s a pretty serious problem, on the wei server in the same place in the mailbox, a multitude of multiboxing groups, sometimes made up of more than 10 simultaneous characters, do not stop appearing, that is not counting the constant spam that is in the chat for the purchase and sale of gold and advertising of external web pages to the game, I think they should become more serious with this issue

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Everyone always overlooks the most important problem. The buyers. They are the trash who fund the botters. They are your guild mates and your firends. They are selfish no good toxic scum and need to be eliminated from the servers.

Amazon needs to do a buyer ban.

Just make it possible to not trade gold and you’ll cut this problem in half.