Multiple Accounts Allowed or Not?

Hey Guys, i got a question about Multiple accounts.

I am wondering if it is allowed to have 2 or more Accounts, so you have Account 1 and Account 2 / with both Accounts you play on the Same ingame Server. But Account2 is giving all his Gold/Mats too Account 1 where your main is ( so you can have more alts with that you farm Gold and Mats ) it`s only important for people that play alot but i know there are alot of people that care about it

In Japan it is forbidden so people got banned for it, so i am wondering how Amazone is handeling that also alot of people that i know also wanna do more than 1 Account but only if it is allowed for sure.

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other topics is also no answer yet just trying to push this until someone gonna see it

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If I am playing with account 1 and my partner is playing on account 2 and she gave all mats and gold to me. I think that’s allowed…
I don’t know if it’s possible to dual window playing 2 account with steam as far as I am aware steam only allow 1 account at a time CMIIW
If you are multiboxing with bots or using 3rd party program that’s when it’s not allowed with possible ban
Sorry if It doesn’t answer your question :frowning:

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all good actually only a amazone supporter can answer on that since no one really can know it :smiley: just hope it gets there attention

But what i mean is not even playing the accounts at the same time, i log in first account do all the stuff go offline / login second account do all the stuff and send mats to the main account. Poeple in japan got banned for that , as far as i know in korea you dont get banned for that but dont quote me i am not sure. The reason why alot of ppl anyways think about it is the 6chars gold Limit cap in korea so with more accounts you can still farm more gold and i am sure they gonna bring that system later in EU and NA aswell so i don`t wanna have 18chars on one account if they get usless later on :smiley:

Multiboxing is another thing and i am pretty sure it`s not allowed maybe , but even if so i guess multiboxing in dungeons would be to hard to even do it either way tough :smiley:

And you think they’ll magically decide to answer your post instead of the others? It’s better to get more traction on an existing post. When you reply to a post it gets bumped back to the top of the list.

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push still no answer :frowning:


Thats some miss information right there Russia is allowing us to play since i asked Them on release because i stream it so they just allow it and gave me green light kinda

The multiaccount thing is allowed in korea as far as i Know And what People say / in Japan it’s forbidden it stand even in the TOS there also alot of People got banned

I mean Community Manager often don’t know alot more than us if they don’t know yet and as you say they probably don’t know yet it’s fine. But i still wanna Hold this thread up Not that they think no one cares anymore and i myself also know People that also care so i don’t only ask for myself it’s a topic where Not everyone is interested in it or Not affect Them but for people that play alot it’s important to know since we probably also get at some point the 6char gold cap and i don’t wanna Go against the rules^^ and i don’t belive that the January update gives us information about it since it’s a Smaller group that is wondering about it :sweat_smile:

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we were actually talking about this earlier me and a couple of friends. my guess is that the ToS will have something about this, and seeing as its not a problem for me “yet”… ill await looking into this until future updates when im gonna go for new classes. as of now the only thing bothering me in this game is the character capacity… i wanna go all classes to get further knowledge of every build and class. that way i know my way around and can help organize people better while matchmaking.
so unless new classes comes out, or i get my alts all the way up to t3… then this wont really bother me as of now.
its a good thing someone brought it up though, and i hope we can get an answer on this… but i strongly suggest reading through the ToS to see if it states anything about this!

i think the main reason is due to it replicating the term “gold-farming”, in which Korea is famous for… and yet Korean people are un-affected? wouldnt surprise me if smilegate accepted gold farmers and autoclickers like as of now… people are usually keeping them on while away for multiple hours due to the long server que`s on my channel… so for Neria players wanting to get in, 6-11Am is the perfect time my friends!

it`s forbidden for us to make more than 1 account no clue where anymore but somwhere a Community manager posted it

I have seen posts from different community managers giving different answers. I still interested in this topic, are we allowed to own/play more than one account? I am not asking about multi boxing just wondering if I am allowed to play 2 accounts at different times. Many players in Korea/Russia do this in order to bypass the 6 character gold lockout from legion raids and abyssal dungeons. Can we get an official response from Amazon on this issue?

No this was said today by a community moderator that we are only allowed one account per person.

(Also please check the dates on topics when you search them and use the most recent one ^^)

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You can bypass the gold limit by playing on a different server tho, this seems to be allowed, at least the person who made this thread didn’t got a no for it.
Just transfer the gold via auction house.

Can you possibly forward that thread? I don’t see any posts from any community managers with a direct answer to my question. Only ones in regards to multiboxing which is obviously against the rules and not something I would want to do anyways.

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Yeah I mean that’s what I started to do last night, got through MSQ on another server but the advantages of playing/having another account (power passes, events, etc.) is quite big and would love to have an answer. :frowning:

Please see the response RandomlyClicking linked above. That one is from today.

I admire your tenacity to get through six T3 weekly gold clears and still want to do more.

Yeah well that’s unfortunate, seems to just be a hard no with no explanation as of why this is the case in our version. It’s a very common thing in other regions. Guess I’ll just continue on two servers. :frowning:

An educated guess would be to limit gold inflation. We’ve already seen steps taken with content being normalised to limit bussing. Once we get Legion Generals, allowing multiple accounts would defeat the point of limiting gold income to six to stop the inflation that happened with generals in KR.