Multiple Accounts Allowed or Not?

This is false we literally have a quote from the CM today posted above.

I also was told that RU has the same ToS about it but apparently they literally don’t give a F about anything, prolly don’t even have a CM or GM there lmao.

Just to confirm for you, only 1 account per player. Please don’t make alternate accounts to farm resources or for any other reason.


I think what you’re is referring to is that it is allowed to have multiple accounts across multiple players from the same household, Roxx said that it is allowed. However one person owning two accounts is not allowed stated from a CM above.

Is it okay to play on multiple servers on the same account?

Hey Azanaa ^^
Any chance you could clarify whether moving gold between servers using the auction house is allowed? If not could you kick the question back to our overlords?

Thanks :heart:

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Yes, that is okay, and you can have as many characters as you have slots just as long as you only play on one account! (:

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I will pass that question up and get back to you!


Thanks for the response and your time! I am though very curious as to what the reasoning behind this is if we are able to play across multiple servers. I will continue to play on two servers. As far as I am aware this is something very common and very integral to the player driven economies on other regions. It also serves as a different way of playing the game allowing players to focus on what they enjoy doing in the game.

I have removed my comment but I’m almost positive that they said it differently before. (I’m not surprised by that lol)

As another user pointed out, they did say that you could have more than one account per household. There were concerns from players who lived together. (I’m one of those haha)
Perhaps it was that response?
Either way now we have our answer and I’ll wait on hearing the verdict about cross server auction house gold trading haha

Yeah same. Not really a big issue atm I’m just trying to get ahead where I can but as we get more power passes I’m sure more people will be talking about this.

Got an answer for you, i was told that since this is not the intention of the Auction House feature, it is not allowed.

Let me know if you need anything else!


Azanaa you are a star. Pinging @SmeagoLx too incase he misses your response.

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I believe it’s so that players aren’t running the game on 2 accounts and then combining all resources earned into one account.


It’s really simple. Unfair advantages aren’t allowed.

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@Azanaa Thanks for the reply! Would I be able to mail items to myself from the other server? Wouldn’t be combining two accounts because it would be all from the same account.

It isn’t inherently unfair. The only other region that does not allow multiple accounts is Japan and it is for very different reasons other than this. Even on Japan, players do play on multiple servers instead of making multiple accounts and transfer over materials. Seems to be that Amazon’s version is the only one that will disallow this and it is and will be a big blow to the dedicated player base.

This is also a big way for F2P players to triumph in Lost Ark. Putting in more hours and grinding is not unfair. For a lot of people that’s what the MMO genre is all about.

Keep justifying. Just don’t be surprised if your account gets locked or banned.