Multiple Accounts Allowed or Not?

It has been a while since I honestly laughed as hard as I did reading this.

I think the last time was when someone tried to convince me following every covid rules would help anyone.

When a rule/law is extremely stupid and pointless, there is no reason to follow it, especially if it cannot be enforced. In fact, in some cases, it should even be fought against.

certainly not every rule, but common sense rule.

A lot of nations who have sensible rules are doing much better than US. We passed 1 million deaths just few weeks ago. 1 million dead Americans with places that toss out vaccines because they gone unused. It is just silly.

And regardless, there are silly laws. Supposedly Maine (IIRC) has laws of hot poker through the tongue for punishment for blasphemy, that’s one law that should be ignored.

That being said, this is not a government or a country. It closest resembles a theme park or a private business. If they say each person can only occupy one chair, then you either do it or gtfo. You don’t have a say in “Well it is a bad rule, so I am going to freaking do it anyways.” That is not how it works. In real life you can get tossed out or arrested. In game you can get banned. Same idea.

It’s no problem (: that’s what I’m here for!
Honestly, you can try asking a Community Manager here or on the AGS Discord server, other than that, only CMs would know more than me.

They are Bound, so your comment is meaningless.

multiple accounts per person leads to multi-boxing(more than one account logged in at the same time) this escalates to where it affects server stability rather quickly. Imagine 2k people with 4 accounts each (oh wait…we can see that just logging in, no need to imagine) it makes for noticeable lag not to mention that’s likely a huge reason for some of the insane queues

not entirely, first example, life energy
multiple accounts would let you endlessly farm resources, already obviously abused

why you need multiple accs if you can have multiple characters :smiley:

life energy, additional targets and other people won’t play with you:) and repeats of “one time” rewards. Not needed really but these are reasons people use multiple accounts