Multiple accounts, why not?

why are we not allowed to have multiple accounts ? how does have multiple accounts break tos ?

ask kr, it’s legal over there, most " f2p " have like 6acc

Most likely AGS trying to do damage control because of bots.


ur the least of amazons problems right now

I think it’s just general AGS ToS, way before Lost Ark had bot problem.

Why do you want multiple accounts, tho? If you’re lacking character slots just login in different server and you will have additional 6 slots.

thanks for all those quotes but still no explaination about why we’re not allowed.

  1. gold inflation
  2. more accounts means less people swiping

That’s my guess anyway.

Actually, it isn’t as you can only have 1 account with your SSN and having more means you have to fake one.

I have multiple accounts but don’t actually play on them. One Amazon account could buy 3 Platinum founder codes from their official site so I made 3 dummy accounts. If they didn’t want people to get codes from unofficial sources or have multiple accounts then why make it where can buy multiple codes that can only be used once per account?

I just zeroed out the royal crystals and transferred all items to my actual account.

Daddy said no, isn’t that enough?

nope because mommy has the last say :wink:

is that true ?

if what you say is true, then i apologize, i guess i read some misinformation somewhere.

Says who? Bot farms have hundreds of accounts and amazon does nothing about them.

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You can have 3 accounts with one ssn in kr.

Multiple accounts usually aren’t allowed in games, but it’s also the kind of thing that you’re unlikely to actually be banned for unless you go out of your way to try. Often it’s to avoid multiboxing and all that, and some games get more specific about what they don’t allow, but the spirit is pretty much the same thing.

You could have multiple accounts with WoW. I have 2 on my main login…wow1 and wow2 and I had about 10+ other accounts at various times to get RAF rewards.

The grind in Lost Ark is killer…I couldn’t imagine having 2 accounts unless it was to say split my chars and maximize the UNA gold weekly and login rewards…but that’s just so much work for little payout.

The SSN its just needed for a phone number, maybe u can create multi accounts with the same phone number.

As quoted up there, as long as u play one account at a time, it’s ok. That what I get from Roxx’s answer.

But if u control 2 accounts at the same time, if you login on 2 Steam accounts on same computer, if u login on 2 lost ark clients on the same computer, that’s a no no.

Should be good to get a clarify answer on the matter, since lately some streamers are playing on multiple accounts one at a time.