Multiple items missing from in-game market as well as product inventory

Hi, so I am experiencing multiple issues.

  1. Missing the twitch drop mount. It appeared in my product inventory several days ago but would not let me claim but is now just missing?

  2. The commemoration gift has not shown up at all.

  3. I had 3 items listed on the market that presumably did not sell. But the items/gold fee listed were not returned to my character? It would not bother me too much but I’m talking around 1k gold in value, which is a lot for me.

Can I get this resolved somehow?

EDIT: Number 3 is actually me just being dumb and not realizing the transactions tab in the market is unique for each character so I couldn’t see it on my alt.

Hello @Aqilix

I’m sorry to know about the missing items in game. Kindly refer to the post in the link below for more information on missing items:

Thank you!

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Same for me, my product inventory is broken since tuesday.
many items have disappeared/do not appear,
my shop is often under maintenance, while my friends’ shop is working well!

  • No LoLA Neugier gold mount
  • No Second founder pack
  • No Bonus launch pack

I love this game but I’m desperate :cry:

Character : Vaillance
Server : Trixion

Central Europe

Hello @Megakuma

I’m sorry for that and can completely understand your situation. I can assure you that our team is working on this. You can refer to the thread I’ve attached above for more information on missing items.

Once this issue is resolved it’d be posted on Forums, so you can monitor our forums.

Thank you!

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Thank you :slight_smile: