Multiple quest line bugs

There are a few quest lines missing for me. I didn’t get my second awakening quest after Rohendel. A couple of chain quests also disappeared for me. There is suppose to be a next quest after “Falling Petals”, but I can’t find it anywhere on my map. There’s also Peyto quest line that is suppose to give its token and it is stuck at “Want to See My Hat Trick?”. Usually chain quests appeared around the place you completed the previous quest but I can’t find those ones anywhere close. I really enjoy the game and I hope these bugs can be fixed soon.

Also bugged on the “missing players quest”

But I can’t seem to start the second quest, Falling Petals, I just can’t talk to Izariel…

After Falling Petals there is a quest you must do first in Glass Lotus Lake that does not have a quest marker on the map. At the entrance to the water sanctum you’ll find a bag that gives you a quest, afterwards the next step “A Mage’s Story” will be available in town. For the future, many of the resource sites available right now show required quests such as this A Mage's Story - Quests - Lost Ark Codex

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its not a bug, some quests are hidden. Do some research before reporting bugs.

Thanks that explains a lot. Although I’m still not sure where my second awakening quest is.