Must be a very good stone :D

Looks like someone’s trying to fish for gold sellers.
…That or they apparently couldn’t pay in a 24-hour window.

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Ya that is a gold seller transaction

if it was the timer wouldnt have almost ran out + I doubt they use items that uses pheons. Probably someone being silly

Wouldn’t it cost like 100k gold just to post the auction though? i guess you get the gold back if it doesnt sell but well nvm
im dumb

login reward for day 14 was 30 pheons … its feasible its a gold seller post

I’d lean towards that if the auction didn’t already run for at least 23 hours.
I dunno how long it takes, but I feel like it’d be quicker if it was actually someone trying to buy gold.

Yeah that’s the client account, i told them to put those number later i would buy them … this way it’s more safer for the client account. We do this method these days … it’s a win-win situations. We make profit & the client happy, safe 120% :ok_hand:. Ofc it’s a trade secret we would never revealed and nobody knows it.

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If you “bid” on an item, does that stop the buy out option?

i would think no, your bid would get returned to you and the buyout person would get the item. Atleast im 99% sure that’s how it would work

thats how it works

The buyer will also check the Time Left. so that’s useless for fishing lol

post fee takes from bid price, not buyout