My auction house listings dont show up

Greetings. I am having issue selling my destruction stones. I want to post them for 12 or 13 g per 10 but auction house doesnt register it at all. It says in my posted listing that is up there but when i click buy it only shows stones for 10/11g. My ones are invisible

Hello and welcome to the forums @nairat,

I am sorry to hear you seem to be having apparent issues with your Auction House listings not displaying.

Please note it is not abnormal for your own postings not to show when you go to buy, since you cannot buy from yourself. Can you confirm if this is happening when someone else goes to search or is it a different character of yours?

I’ll be waiting for your answer and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Look i play with the auction house a lot and this never happened before. Ive always seen my listing and yes I CAN buy MY OWN listings, just tested it now put up 10 destruction stones for 8g, bought them and received 2 in game mails. One with them sold and other one with them bought. Every week i buy 30+ stacks of desctruction stones for cheap and resell them after reset. Now nobody from the whole server can put them up for 13g for example, my guildie put up 10 of em and neigher he or me can see them. Even if u put them up for 12g i cant see them. But if I put them up for 8 g i can but I would loose 200K if I do! Now i am stuck with 38 stacks of them i bought for 11g and cant sell them at all because i can only post them very cheap. So how can somebody go buy stones for 12/13g if they cant even see them up? plz can u have a look into it? It all happened after patch. Sometimes 20k of stones disappear for AH for few minutes and then they suddenly reappear if they are put up for 11g

Ok so just did some testing basically u cant sell destruction stones on EUW higher than 10g. If i put them up for 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 gold , they just dont show up at all not just for me, but noone in my guild can see them eighter when I put them up. I dont know if its issue only with destruction stones or other items as well. Plz fix this asap

Hello @nairat,

I am not seeing any patch notes indicating the change so this conversation would be better addressed in the Feedback section of the forums so I have moved the post.

Please bear in mind you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Basic goods (anything that is not up in the auction house, second tab) are listed by price, and you can only buy the cheapest ones.

If i list 10 destruction stones for 50k gold, no one will be able to buy them, only the cheapest ones currently listed.

You can check your listing on the “registered” tab, there is one for both basic market and the auction house tab.

Only the first x items of a basic good are shown. Most of the stones listed at 10g don’t show up until they’re the oldest on the market, too.

For example, if it shows 2500 destruction stones at 10g there could be 5000 or even 50000 stacks up at 10g. After 500 sell, 500 more will show up. This is really obvious when you list 3000 or 4000 ghl at a set price, the listing will only go up by a few hundred even if you’ve sold none yet.

Your items are up on the AH, but they will only show up if all of the 10g listings sell out.

@lostarkplayer2020 that is not true mate. if there is currently 17k destruction stones on AH and i post my 36 stacks it always went up to 53 stacks. As i said everything changed after the patch

This isn’t true. I’ve posted 3000 GHL @ 55g when it showed 1500 ghl up at 55g. It still only showed 1500-1800 GHL at 55g even hours later. My GHL eventually sold, days later, when the existing supply was burned through.

This isn’t related to a patch. It did the same thing with adventure tome items when I was controlling that market. It only shows some portion of the total listed in some markets for whatever reason. Especially if you list at over market price. It’s very noticeable in fish & fusion, too.

@lostarkplayer2020 i am just saying what have always happened to me every week for last 2 months after posting minimum 30 stacks on AH it always added up even up to 70stacks of stones. This week its the first time ever.

this is complete rubbish. U can always see latest 5 or 6 cheapest prices of items. How can I see right now only stones up for 11g if there are plenty for 12/13 etc etc . This has never, never been the case since game was released