My Beta Bug Dump

My Info:

  • IGN: Suicidal
  • Server: US West
  • World: Azena
  • Class: Sharpshooter

Bug 1: Dungeon failed to progress after revive

  • Was doing the quest in a party of two where we had to fight Brelshaza as the final boss. I died during the phase where the balls were rolling down the arena. Used an instant revive, but the boss just disappeared and we were unable to progress through the dungeon. We ended up having to restart the entire dungeon.

Bug 2: No audio in cutscenes

  • The cutscenes in the questline leading up to the dungeon mentioned in boss 2 were lacking audio.

Edit: Removed one of the “bugs” because it was an intended effect

This is the mechanic of the fight. If you do the quests you will get an F5 quest item you can use to reveal him.
(edit: read the number 1 quest in your list) :wink:

Ah ok my bad. Should’ve actually read the quest haha

Thanks for clarifying