My brother just received 1k royal crystalls out of nowhere

hi guys my brother plays on the server thirain and just received 1k royals crystalls is that a bug?

They probably bought them and told you they didnt so they could say they earned (insert x)

Platinum founder pack?

yes platinum but he hasnt switched server he is still on his first server

they changed it, everyone who purchased a founders pack gets another round

everyone who bought founders is getting 2nd set doesnt matter if they switched or not as long as they redeemed before feb 14th.
Theyre rolling out today.

Your full Royal Crystal balance is available in any server or region!

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If I know this I don’t spend it on euc server I could easily moved it to euw… Was there a post about this at all?

i got 500 royal crystals out of nowhere few hours ago

That’s the worst part about it. If everything was server region bound and we got our full packs back I would’ve changed reason without a second thought. Now I wait for my pack on the EUW server just to get another 1k crystals for EUC… made a char… occupied a name… maybe even used up a server slot and all for nothing. I realy don’t get the resaoning behind this because all you’ll do is to make EVERYONE create a toon there to get the crystals and move back.

But Roxx in my case is weird, i play on EUC, and got 2k royals all of the sudden while actually playing on EUC still. My original founders were plat+gold so i have no idea where those 2k crystals came from, any idea? Im so confused tbh

Any word on people not receiving the correct bonus founders pack? seems like people are receiving the first pack they preordered even if they refunded and bought a different one. I refunded my gold and purchased plat to “upgrade” my pack, just recieved a gold bonus pack and no plat unfortunately :confused: