My Budget Progression plus helpful tips

Hello there. I am here hoping to give good advice to players that are planning to play f2p or on a budget. Maybe learn a couple of tricks to help me with my progression as well. I tried to do this on Steam forums but unfortunately, it is filled with negativity. My budget progression in Lost Ark :: Lost Ark General Discussions If you are interested in looking at my progression history.

Here are my expenditures with Steam receipt.

Here is my old inventory gear with my ALTS

Here are my current ALTS and main:







I screenshot showing bound GHLs to show potential for new ilvl. I’m sure my Main: Bard will be ready for the clown.

Now there are a lot of values that are pertinent to players’ progression:

  • The costs of honing eventually go down with time (except for FOMO end-game, new material transition). Remember the 400g+ Greater Honor Leapstones?
  • The amount of catch-up mechanics which AGS/Smilegate is really generous of giving away
  • The amount of events that yields mats and books
  • Stronghold research honing buffs
  • Opening new gold access.

If these values exist the best way to progress is to wait and hoard as many bound mats as possible. Use your main and ALTS as a stepping stone to hit new gold access in terms of Legion raids, the highest right now is 1460. If you are doing it correctly it will look like stairs in terms of progression. Hone only if your static or guild asks you specifically to do it. Maybe your static is missing some damage output or as DPS you are not getting into a group.

My current project right now is farming for LVL 7 gems for my ALTS. Maybe 2 more 1445 before the Clown is released definitely doable with fewer mats and gold usage. Given how lucky I was with my Gunlancer more likely to push it to 1460. I’d say this game is very generous when it comes to F2P at least in comparison with other MMO F2P games. Just have to do a little math.

If you need advice or help let me know.

Some of your characters look solid (Blue Lancer, Wardancer, GS). I would definitely question the budget/efficiency of going for 4 Rows of Engravings like on your Paladin but having that stat distribution, similar with your Bard or Shadow Hunter. Feels like for these classes having correct Combat Stats is way more important than Engravings, especially for SH where you don’t want to just sit there waiting for another rotation of Human Skills.

That said, overall looks good from an F2P perspective though. I skipped Level 7 Gems on my alts for now but am taking things a bit slower there.

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how many hours played do you have?

If your comfortable sharing how much $ spent.

Quick question(s), Why do so many players run around with so much crap in their inventory? Why are you not storing it in your chest? Do you really need accessories and armor in your inventory at all times?

Oh if it’s on my bard it is for meme builds.

Either I just got out of chaos dungeons or those are accessories with Spirit Absorption / Swiftness and doing some lifeskilling.

Yeah, my storage is filled with either PvP (endurance) crap, accessories that will sell the next booster pack (more likely 1415), meme builds, or Spirit Absorption/Swiftness accessories.

Regarding armor once you reach 1302 you get trash armor stuff that you use for tripods. I don’t know if I just got out of chaos dungeons, building more skill inventories. But yeah most I dismantle unless I see a juicy lvl 4 tripod.

AGS bring up his mail records and post them here. Just because your steam purchases are clear doesn’t mean you weren’t mailed gold during the height of RMT. Don’t blame us for this way of thinking. Blame AGS, for refusing to get a handle on things. They let doubt fester within the community.

Sure! Release the mail records and trade records! I authorize. I never had freebies nor donation mails or trades.

I think it is best if you just asked me where I got my gold. Most players followed the FOMO, I was late with Valtan release. I was around 2 weeks late. I was busy making 1370 when the pricing of GHL was around 400+g. I waited for Stronghold honing research before I pushed all my alts to 1415 and Punika event pushed 2 to 1430 range (the 20% books). BTW deleted my Berserker

Back then I was also selling lvl 6 and/or 7 gems around 25-35% less right now, I only got lucky twice with accessories got 2 100 quality that sold for around 40k gold.

I truly understand the skepticism. I don’t want to be that guy that says I’m f2p and end up RMT or literally whaling on the sideline. If there is a way for AGS to show me transcripts of my mail or trade sure post it here! Release the records, I have nothing to hide. Sadly for some people it won’t be enough next thing you know someone is asking for my crypto wallet.

40% on a 7 min kill isnt doing well tho, when u also outgear the content hard with a +17-18 weapon. Specilization isnt just for transforming, if u hover over the stat you will see it increase your damage in demonic form. 10 spec is 1% damage. Getting right stats, even meaning you lose engraving would help u a lot.

imagine running 897 spec in 1400+ as a shadowhunter, that must be the biggest troll I’ve ever seen

thats is your amount you run with

this is something more proper and what you should have at 1445 with relics and 2 legendarys accessoires

you cant even demonize in one full rotation so thats even worse as DI
If you want to run around throwing your advice around, make sure you do it right in the first place

I believe that you are f2p judging the griefing build on your alts

Oh yeah. Where as it was beneficial before to gatekeep your alts at 1340/1370 for optimal GHL farming, right now GHL’s are being crushed by the current market and they’re down from 25 to 22, but the real effect is even harder because the economy is about 1,5-2 times more expensive right now. So now you want your alts to be geared up to 1415 so you can do Argos+Valtan and don’t even have to bus Argos on your characters :slight_smile:

What a surprise…

I expected a more in-deph guide tbh, but I guess I now have more of a reason to push my alts further.

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Yeah, this is literally the only thing I find glaring going through all of his builds. DI SH is a lot like Gunslinger in that it wants spec over everything else, even the best engravings; it just scales so well with the stat.

The only viable actual number or something you need to keep in mind is the Quarterly Financial Report. Most of these companies show off their financials every quarter to their investors or leaders. I believe SEC has this requirement, most of it is pretty open. I think this is the only value I can think of that actually has relevance to getting better progression results.

This is the time they make huge profit-oriented values enticing consumers to try out their product. For example, content, catch-up mechanics, and big events (basically the idea or premise is to catch whales but it can work in your favor).

The rest profit oriented is so dependent on the server marketplace, catch-up mechanics, and sadly bots. Surprisingly the more bots the lower the costs of most if any items that are in demand. It is so micro-oriented.

All I know is that they will keep adding catch-up mechanics (powerpass), More likely sometime in between Clown and Brelshaza release. More likely 1415 powerpass. Pure speculation of course but what I’m saying makes sense.

Nice insight, I will take it into consideration.

I mean, I don’t really mind this that much, the way I like to play is to not buy any upgrade materials from the AH or Mari’s shop, I only use what I earn or what is given to me through events and whatnot. But at the same time I mildly hate it because when I try to make some extra gold everything is basically worthless.

Look every time I respond to this type of criticism the mods delete it so… I really do hope they don’t.

Most DI Shadowhunter that focus on specialization don’t value the tripod damage with human form. What’s the point right when most of the time you be in Demon form? I do and since crit values to some extent apply with human-form it is “enough” for all the content. I fix the damage-value tripods that I use for 1 1/2 rotation with hume form. At least in my experience, it is “enough” damage for the content I’m doing.

The thing I find funny is that no one criticized my Wardancer, which has the lowest acceptable damage with my build, in fact, compared to all 4, it has the lowest value. I actually feel bad to the static I’m in every time I miss my counterattacks (which is rare but it happens). Do you know why no one criticizes it, because it has “1500” on a specific stat? This is “meta” thinking. What I need to do is switch to swiftness which actually increases the relic value I’m currently using?

The support stats one is meme bard and my paladin. I say it is acceptable. No one kicked me yet of any groups.

Yeah, I find it funny or it coincides with how they release content. Argos was released in March for some people they call AGS greedy, but in all honesty they are just answering to someone. They are sticking with the schedule. March was also QFR (Quarterly Financial Report).

Almost everything revolves around this value from movies, tv series, etc, with the exception of big sales Holidays. Everyone has to answer to someone AGS, Amazon answers to investors.

Same here I don’t really care about bots.

I only bought like 2-3 pieces to complete the sets of most of my alts. I just don’t see why fix something that is doable. Unless I want to spend more gold I still don’t understand the point if they are bound to do the content that drops what is needed.

More likely however I will fix my alts especially when they get to Clown ilvl, especially my Wardancer… Maybe at that time, the pricing of accessories will even further go down.

Just a little update: I am so happy that I hit my goals this week. Thanks to the events and good honing session, I got 2x 1445 this week.

Also, good BIS drops with my Gunslinger from this week’s Vykas raid.

EZ gains. Maybe I get 3x 1460 before the clown. BTW most of my honing sessions are using bound mats / fused leapstones. With a little bit of unbound destruction, guardian crystals, and gold tap (At times solar if I hit values close to pity 100%) my ROI is significantly better.