My character cant load into the game

Hi i have no idea if there have been other topics about this but I’m panicking so hard.

i was playing my game and in croconys seashore, I got the red fang scenario quest. i launched the quest but my game crashed mid-load. now every time I launch the game I cant load into the game cause nothing happens when I click “launch” on the character selection screen. it just stays in my character’s lobby. I have tried verifying, updating drivers. nothing seems to work. is there any way that my character can be moved out of the scenario? please help I don’t wanna lose my progression

Server: Central Europe Neria
Character name: Nymerianivy

Hello @Nymerianivy,

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums, glad to have you here!

I’m sorry to hear you got into this issue and now you are getting a hard time login into your character. Let me try to relocate it to Prideholme, could you confirm the class please?

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :hugs:

hello thank you so much for the fast reply, its a sorceress under the class of mage.

Thanks for the info!

I’ve successfully relocate Nymerianivy to Prideholme. Run one last time Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files and then log back in.

Let me know how it goes! :dizzy:

Thank you so much, it is fixed. Much appreciated.

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Glad to hear that!

Enjoy your adventures through Arkesia! :man_mage:

Okay it happened again, I tried relaunching the quest, at first I got a loading screen that was stuck at 75 percent but I could hear my surroundings. I waited for 10 mins and then got a connection error. And now, again, i click on launch in character selection screen but nothing happens. Could you please relocate it again? And I would like to know if it’s a server issue so I can just leave the game be for now and try after a few hours?

That’s unfortunate, but no worries!

I’ve relocate Nymerianivy to Prideholme, again. I’ll suggest if the issue persist, since you know how to reproduce the issue post it on Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums or Contact Us | Amazon Games to report this bug and the developers take a look into it. We will really appreciate it! :grin:

Almost forgot to mentioned, since I don’t see any other official news about it, I can’t assure you if it is a server issue. However, please report it how I just mentioned and any news will be post under Official News - Lost Ark Forums.

See you in Arkesia! :crossed_swords:

Did just as you instructed on the bugs and localization forum.

but then again, I couldn’t find a fix anywhere in the forum about the loading screen being stuck on 75 percent, people in the past have had this issue on other servers saying it’s server-side. and I don’t want to keep bothering you with relocating my character. so I will just wait a few hours before trying again I guess. but don’t hate me if I ask for relocation again please :frowning:

hi @Nokk i have same problem on this game and cant lunch my character , can u help me and bring my hero to playable area ? ty
eu west
name : rebellraven

Okay I guess I found a fix, I lowered my entire graphics settings to the lowest possible and logged into the game with mobile phone 4g. And it didn’t get stuck on the load anymore.

@Nymerianivy no bro , its not work for me . plz can someone help me ?

Hello again, folks!

Hope you are having a great a day! :grin:

Nice workaround @Nymerianivy, thanks for sharing with us.

@hosseinmollajafari, sorry for the delay in my response, could you please tell me if you still need help and confirm the class of your character?

I’ll be waiting your reply! :dizzy:

hi @Nokk i can play my character but my friend stuck in exact same location , plz help and bring him to prideholmes , his character name is : pazzoki , eu west . tragon . ty

Hello @hosseinmollajafari ,

I was able to successfully move the character - pazzoki to prideholmes :slight_smile: