My character is stuck in a loading screen for Stern and crashing my game to desktop upon loading

My character is stuck in a loading screen for Stern and the game crashes to desktop every time I try to load it. I play on Europe Central / Inanna, Steam user. The character name is Nakeeva, sorc, item lvl 550.
Can you please assist.
Thank you!

Hello @teodim1,

My apologies to hear about this inconvenience with your character, can you please tell me if that’s just happening with one character or, with your alts are working in the same way? (closing the game and sending you to the desktop).

Thank you for your collaboration and patience!

I am able to load all other toons. I also performed a steam file check up and it replaced some files, yet Nakeeva is still stuck in a loading screen, this time forcing me kill the game, not crashing to desktop any more.

I see, thank you so much for the information @teodim1,

As you are able to login with your alts I’m going to relocate your char Nakeeva to Prideholme as a workaround to unstuck it.

If you are in-game I’ll have to kick you out for a few minutes or you can just close it : D

I’ll let you know when you can launch the game,

Best Regards. :balloon:

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I’ve relocated your char,

Please go ahead and try to login, let me know how it goes!

:sunrise: :sailboat:

Everything works fine now.
Thank you very much for the quick response and the assistance.
Have a great day/evening!

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It’s a pleasure, if you need a hand just let me know,

Have a wonderful rest of your day! See you in Arkesia :sunrise: :sailboat:

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