My character is stuck on a black screen


After finishing a chaos dungeon with my character Unholÿ. When I clicked to leave the room an error message appeared that I don’t remember what it said. But I reentered the game and only the character stays on a black screen with just the mouse arrow. Can you move my character to another location to resolve the issue?

Hey there,
I am sorry this is happening. I am going to move your post over to our Game Support section for further assistance. :slight_smile:

Hi @WeedKhaliffa

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry that your character got stuck and stays on a black screen.

I would like to help you move your character to another location but in this case I would like the following information from you.

Character name:

Character Class:

Character level:

Region Name:

Server Name:

And please be offline of the character in order to complete the re-location.

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :wolf: