My Character Ticket Slot didn't register

So yesterday, I bought one of the crystals pack the 5700+ to buy myself an omen skin pack including the bundle. I had extra crystals left to use so I went and bought myself a Character Ticket Slot to increase my slots from 6 to 7. The rest I spent on getting gold.

When I claimed the character ticket slot, it sent out a message for me to return to the character page to use. I didn’t want to go back to the character page yet at that time so I said don’t go back. I assumed it will register and I can use it like how you use a vern battlepass when you go to character page and add one ticket. However when the time came that I wanted to use that character slot, I think 3 to 4 hours later after doing the things I wanted to do with my character, I checked the character slot and tried to make another slot open, however it told me that there was no character ticket slot. I am sure that I bought one because it even gave me the message. The tickets appeared 0x for some reason and now I don’t know where the ticket went.

Is there any way someone can fix this please? That’s 800 crystal gems gone to waste if this cannot be fixed. I hope my message gets noticed.

Also I changed mains recently and accepted the character slot ticket on my new main. So maybe that did something?