My chat settings keep resetting

after my game crashed a few days ago some of the settings reset to default, which was annoying but fixable.

however it seems like my chat settings refuse to save now too, i keep losing my chat tabs and settings.

this is also true for the tutorial popups, they are constantly resetting


Yeah I’ve had the exact same problem. Changed my chat settings the last two days and every day, including today, it reset again.

I have the same issue. My main does not seem to have the issue, but my new Glaivier and the Demon Hunter that I used a Vern PowerPass on both keep having large chunks of the tutorial popups spamming me every time. Some of them seem to eventually go away.

I don’t really want to resort to turning off tutorial popups all together, but it’s getting super irritating.

Same over here. I hope this topic gets noticed and fixed soon. Kinda annoying by now.

It’s been a month and several patches and I’m still seeing this happen. Some tutorial popups just won’t go away. Basic ones I know are being seen every time, like “press g to enter this Island”, and “tempest weather zone”.

Thanks for bumping this thread again. I’ll report this to the team!

The June update does not appear to have fixed this issue.

The worst part is that it’s maddeningly inconsistent, both across characters and within a single character.

My Gunlancer gets told how to add crew every the first time each login that I change setups when doing co-op sailing. But only sometimes does he get told how to dock and explore an island. My Glaivier gets neither of these, but gets told how to fuse gems almost every time.

July update still has not fixed this problem. In fact, if anything it seems to be getting worse. Some of my characters are developing new tips that always show up. My 1370 Demon Hunter gets the “Multilayer Map” tip every single time she enters Stern.

Just wanted to let you know that as of the late August patch, this issue still continues to happen, both with new and old characters.

I just created an Arcanist, and have been getting the “what does Deck Meter do” pop up randomly every 20 minutes or so.