My Crystaline Aura Missing

When servers came back up my 30-day Crystalline Aura was missing luckily i had my amazon prime 3 day in storage, but it was a major inconvenience. Will my 30-day CA return? Or am I screwed? Thank you! Y’all doing good job. Just want to wonder if it returns i know there is tons of bugs and all.

Greetings @Xastusthemadking!

Welcome to Lost Ark’s community.

Firstly, I’m really sorry that you’re having issues with the Crystalline Aura.

This and similar issues regarding Aura, Twitch Drops, Loot, etc, have been already escalated to our devs. In fact, they’re already working on it and building a patch for it.

You can view all of the information regarding the Aura here at the known issues page: Update on Known Issues | Lost Ark.

I hope this information has been of help, have a great day! :bird: