My Crystalline Aura and Blue Crystal are gone today

When I logged to the game this morning neither my Crystalline Aura nor my Blue Crystal are active. Not sure how many Blue Crystal I had in that exact moment, but it shows as 0, and my Crystalline Aura not active.

I’ve waited some hours before to write in the forum, but still the issue persists.

Server: Wei
Region: EU Central
Character: Zieprakis

Same here, 2k blue crystals vanished, sitting at 0 right now…
Server : Trixion

Hello @rythualdj and @spooon, welcome to the Lost Ark forums! :slight_smile:

I have information about this issue, that was posted here: Update on Current Top Issues

Missing Premium Content and Store

We have received reports and have confirmed that items are missing from Product Inventory, the Store is unavailable in-game, and Crystalline Auras are missing from characters.

While these things sound like they could be different issues, they are actually all linked to one root cause. For these entitlements, two different servers need to talk to each other, the game server and the commerce server. Right now there is an issue where the commerce server, due to the massive load that it is experiencing from how many people are playing Lost Ark, fails to properly communicate with the game server. This is why sometimes you can see and claim your items, make purchases from the store, and see that your Crystalline Aura is active and working, while other times you can’t. It’s the intermittency that caused our team to investigate the issue for so long before we could give a meaningful update. We have seen that while these items appear to not be on your account, they are still entitled to you.

To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly.

For Crystalline Aura specifically, we know that this is a paid premium account benefit that has a timer associated with it. We are actively investigating this issue.

I hope this clarifies your questions, please keep an eye out on that post for more updates on the matter!


Founder’s Gold Pack 30 day Crystalline aura gone 2day …
server : Slen
Region : EU Central
Char name : Hus