My Crystalline Aura is gone!

So I just came from work to play this game and when I loggged on my character “Crocketbro” on Wei Server my crystalline aura are gone and they were 30 days. And another thing I was having in “Product Inventory” 4 items, they were 3 days crystalline aura , 5 days crystalline aura, and 2 pets from twitch drops. Thanks I am waiting for the response


Same problem here.

Character: Derbi
Server: Slen


Yep happening to many people and no responce from devs/mods yet. Mine sbeen missing all day.


Same problem.

Founders bronze pack, crystalline aura disappeared


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That’s very sad cause they dont care about their community …


Same problem too.

So what do we do ??

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Same here, crystalline aura disappeared and my product inventory has been gone…
Name : Thanatium
serv : Sceptrum

Same Problem on my end,
Character: Lluviaa
Server: Slen
Seems i wasnt the only one having this issue

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Many people still have there Crystalline Auras though as when I’m running about many people still have the ‘Crystalline Benefactor’ Title its odd why us select few have lost it

Same here:

Server: Antares
Name: Miloszka

mine is gone as well I bought it yesterday for 30 days when I logined after maintaince it was gone

character Kasuvas
Server Antares


Same here.

Think i lost a 30 day Crystaline Aura. Had a 30 day buff and clicked on an other 5 day Aura hoping they will build upp but instead i think i lost the 30 day ona and only got the Aura buff for 5 days. Now 5 days later the Crystaline Aura Buff is gone.
Thankfully i have one more 30day i the bags i can use. Butt can you please check what went wrong or if im totaly wrong in remember having a 30 day buff from the beginning.

Regards from Bertolz onSirius

having the same issue for 3 days and still no reponse. No plus the maps I ve visited appears as if did not visited and quests havent done

Character: Dulaine
Server: Neria

Same here
“niceandsoft” on “beatrice” server

I had 3 + 30 days aura, the game removed the 30 days when 3 expired…


Same thing.
“Damnson” on Trixion server… i cant open my store, i dont have an aura etc.

Same here, 5 days crystalline gone too…

Mine is also gone (3 day + 30 day).

Server: Beatrice
Char: Maltanaa

Hello Folks, welcome to the Lost Ark Forums! :wave:

Thank you for taking your time to post your concerns in here!

Regarding the Crystalline Aura missing from your inventories, this is an issue that is being worked on. Our team is aware of the situation and they are working as quickly as possible to fix it. Once we have any update addressing this issue, we’ll post it here in our forums.

Edit: Team is also aware about the problems while consuming Crystalline Aura and not being activated. We are planning to solve the issues on the next patch, please refer to this post for more information:

We appreciate your patience!

Hope you have a great day, see you in Arkesia! :man_mage:


Will you fix it today? no point playing without it…


Mines not missing from inventory, its missing from being activated / in use, was working yesterday now whole day its not active!
This is happening with many people, and wea rea ll missing out on the bonus’s it provides, also it doesnt make ANYONE want to purchase them if they keep breaking