My Crystalline Aura is gone!

Server: Procyon
Character: Puffendorf
Aura is missing.

Same here, this is the 2nd time this has happened. Last one was 3 days ago. Got it back for 1-2 days, now its gone again.
Character: Anzma
Server: Asta

Server: EU Asta

Again lost Aura benefits and silver chest items still missing that I didn’t claim at the start and yes shop is in maintenance but it should be reworked that if the shop is in maintenance then it doesn’t affect what you get from the shop.

2 min later - it just came back

Another day lost for paid Aura. Agree with everyone else, needs to be compensation for the day’s lost for purchased items (aura) & in-game currencys spent due to no aura.

Server: Kadan
Character: Soynosfer
Central Europe

I clicked my aura item on the first day of headstart and it NEVER applied.

So I have never actually had the 30 day aura work - I made a ticket that same first day. Its now 2+ weeks into the game and while I have purchased another 30 day aura, Im hesitant to apply it. I feel like until I can see CS fixing this issue I am loathe to spend more money on the game. - I also seriously need to see a full reimbursement of the 2+ weeks Ive lost of that aura item. - Today my amazon prime aura item (5 day) and the 3 day compensation item runs out. That means I will have to do dailies, my 2nd awakening etc etc without bifrost points from the aura. - I am fairly sure this will aggravate me.

I am not asking for the rainbow. Im simply asking you to deliver on the gold pack you sold to me. - At this time I feel like 2 weeks is enough time for any reasonable customer to become irritated. I dont appreciate the normalisation that has occured with this issue. It is NOT normal to sell something and not deliver it, and its not normal to not, as a consequence of failed delivery to compensate in a timely manner when one realises there is an issue with what was sold.

If this was ANY other purchase online, that had been delivered missing a key component, money would have been refunded and the item probably resent free of charge.

Cs has seemed impotent to help, but has also not had the information from higher up available to them to promise reimbursement. This is not on.

Hopefully the issue will be fixed when the servers come back online. You can read more in the link below.

U guys did it!

my Aura is back - Platinum from prestart that got lost on day one - Nice work Guys and Girls, Thank you so much!!!

My aura is NOT back. Still missing the 30 day aura that never took, from using the item first day of headstart.

Server Kadan
Character: Feerless

Edit: I have just recieved aura ingame. Valid till march 26th. Thank you!

Aura gone again… great job, fix patch worked quite opposite.,

Was fine for a while (for me at least), but gone after patch today on Kadan.

I had my aura active intermittently during my stay in EUC until it went off for good. Transferred for EUW and still waiting, patch after patch, to get it back.

Current Server EU Tortoyk - Char Mercenário
Previously on EU Wei

It’s suddenly back for me now after 10min in-game, or at least it seems so…

Well at this time my 30 days Aura is gone, didn’t have any issue 'till today, guess my luck run out?

Server: EU-Zinnervale
Char: Incanto


I started playing on another server “Kadan”.
Then when the EU servers arrived, I restarted a new character on Rethramis.
I lost my Twitch loots, my founder pack and my 30 days aura bought on steam.
My founder 30 days aura is KO before the end.

Server : EU = Rethramis
Character : Eldoki

Thanks for your help :wink:

Its gone again.

Please return it for me as well.

Server: EUC = Kadan
Character = Profa

Having same problem again!

SERVER : Kadan
Character: Invictusz

EU central

its gone again guys please fix this already…

Yeah, I lost my aura as well, this really sucks.
Server : EU = Kadan
Character : Tommeka

Do we have to do something to recover the aura?

Still not active for me. And it won’t even let me purchase anything. I click on ‘Buy’, nothing happens.

Server: NAE - Ladon
Character: Turbomanok

No crystalline aura for me, bought it off the shop with crystals. I claimed it but it’s not showing up. Any fix in sight ?

Server : EUC = Calvasus
Character : Steinrodr

thought it ran out quicker than it should have! hopefully, they add a fix sooner rather than later!