My cube ticket is gone


I was in a cube just before the maintainance.
My ticket is gone after the maintaiaince.
I would appreciate to get my ticekt back.


You used your ticket when you enter the Cube. Because of a Maintenance you lost your ticket as you didn’t complete the Cube. Maintenance is been warned on the chat and at the bottom of the screen when it will go in Maintenance mode. Be aware on that next time.

for now there is small chance you are eligible for a ticket refund, they will give you one if you are eligible for it within 48 hours. Be patient please.

I’m sorry that this is not the answer you where lookin for.

The ingame notification was mentioned very shortly before it started. I was already in the cube when they made ingame notification.
So please, be aware of sitiuation properly if you want to be nosiy :slight_smile:


if you provided some more information I would have guessed what was going on, give people minor information is hard to help out. For now it’s still the same answer, if you are one of the lucky ones and you’re eligible you will get a ticket refunded within 48 hours.

Good luck! see you on the field of Arknesia