My DPS tier list based of difficulty level to reach full potential

Hi I have played almost all classes above 1445 full relic and many at 1490+. This tier list is based of level of difficulty to reach full potential of class, this is just my personal experience. I didn’t include Wardancer and Sharpshooter as I never played those and have no idea about class hence no opinion. Talking about support Bard is much harder to be as efficient as average pally player and I like pally more and they are counter machine.

Note: classes are not in any particular order.

Edit: Because of all the complaints from Sorc mains I move Sorc to god tier difficulty class as it is very hard for some players to hit the boss while standing in Narnia and do the double doomsday rotation, now ALL SORC MAINS stop complaining please, you are special and playing the hardest class with your godly unmatched skills and definitely deserves some buff next patch.

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Not necessarily arguing against sorc being yellow-tier, but I’m curious why you put reflux and igniter on the same level? I have a few ideas such as APM vs nuke-prep, but want your opinion.

I suppose a similar question for Control/Pinnacle. I only played Pinnacle on my Glaivier, and it seems to have a higher ceiling at a glance. I could just go watch a video on them, but may as well engage your post and ask you.

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lol perma positional attacking and u put surge in it instead of RE???

surge you can lose a bit of back attack uptime as long as you land surge/maybe blitz rush, RE u better hit everything

reflux sorc is way more afk gameplay instead of maybe blue gl.

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For Sorc, igniter is easy class to play, all you need is to hit the boss so as reflux, there is not much thinking involved, reflux need to keep better uptime than igniter tho, both classes are equally easy.
For glaviers, Pinnacle is super easy class non-positional class (non-entropy) with very good range on red skills and good movement/defense skills, control is no way harder but doing consistent back attacks definitely add difficulty to it.

Because RE is not only hard because of only back attacks but you need good uptime and learn the rotation but for surge you only need to land one surge 100% from back, for RE you can even surge from front and it won’t matter alot.

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thats why im asking why he put surge into the difficulty category of perma positional attacking rather than re…

funny thing about surge vs re.

an average surge player (50% tile) will out damage a 95%tile RE player who is mechanically better. the 95% tile RE player is probably 85-90% surge player.

That’s why i prefer lists that compare class difficulty at 70-80% tile since surge is ridiculously easy if you just want to play it to 70-80% tile. It’s incredibly difficult when u want to play it to 95%tile + which most people aren’t doing

We can put RE there too with surge but I feel RE is much harder to perform well with than surge, With Surge if you can keep doing surges from back you doing very well and you are given enough time to build meter but with RE you have to kinda do most hard hitting skills from back but missing skills on RE makes your whole rotation very hard and adds downtime to skills which adds difficulty.

TLDR: Surge difficulty is just landing back Surges but RE have more nuisances rather than just back attacking (which don’t have to be all back attacks).

i’m not disagreeing with u I also think RE is harder than surge until 95%tile + play

re is basically harder until ure tryna land every back attack on surge as well. A surge player who just back attack surges with average stack gameplay will out dps a RE who lands every back attack except void strike. It’s just how broken surge is

find it hilarious when surge players think they’re hot shit doing 10% more damage than a RE when their spec should be doing 25-30% more at equal skill

A lot of things wrong that I can’t really be bothered going into (e.g. why are reflux and igniter in the same tier? why is SS missing entirely?).

The fact that there’s an “afk gameplay” category already discredits this list for me.

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All you have to learn with igniter is how to do Double doomsday in arcane rupture state and with lvl 10 cd gem it is very easy, reflux have higher mobility but you need higher uptime to even get close results to igniter damage. This is a difficulty to reach class’s top dps potential tier list, and doing that with igniter is even easier than reflux but I put them in same row because igniter have less mobility which adds difficulty to stay alive sometimes or catch to the boss.
SS I don’t play mentioned above already, so as Wardancer. AFK gameplay is just meme as i already explained in brackets what I meant.
Atlast if you are that one egoist lvl 10 gems, maxed weapon 6 Sorc igniter roster player, who enjoy overtuned class with easy MVP and call others to get gud then noone can win from you. GL


“Always challenging and requires 100% focus” = same words i tell myself in the first few days of playing any class before I realise it’s always the same 8 keyboard buttons


Playing EO since launch and near to 10 months now (1535ilvl, lvl 10cd and 1790 swiftness) and if I don’t pay attention to my Hype meter for 3 sec I fk up my rotation for next 1 minute, and Arcana have to keep track of cards all the time. So yea it is not that GS playstyle where you can just chill after you master your stance switch.

If you actually had any/all Wardancer builds on this list, it’d show up in 4 different tiers.

people do this? from my experience its always been the opposite where the RE player thinks they’re anything more than a glorified yearning buff while being bottom of the dps log

Nevers do tier list After drink thanks me later

average surge blade hard carried by the spec and the fact that just landing surge back attack is enough outdps re doing surge blitz and soul on back attack on an ideal 3 orb rotation without pausing xdd

good surges do more than that and outdps re by 30-40%

which is actually ironic cause l’ve been spreadsheeting all of my content and the average surge player that l’ve experienced is bottom dps granted the data pool atm is a grand total of like 4 days of only my content

U shouldt have context with the tiers, would be way better with Just S A so on. This makes ur list so weird to watch.Would be more on point if u made a list with the hardest classes to play without some categories: hard until master or hard cuz of positional which is just dumb

I disagree with few classes, sf rs is easy to play :rofl: its way Harder to play than eo
Both reaper specs ? Hard to master why ? Because they are squishy or why do think it.
I guess u know every boss and rotation, so i wouldnt say they are hard, you are so mobile

RS Soul Master and Igniter Sorc should probably be up one tier at least. Sure anyone can drop their skills and not meet their potential but their very specific rotations and knowledge needed to reach their potential is definitely higher than the likes of pretty much every class you have on the tier above them… :joy:

Hunger Reaper being considered so difficult is a bit cope. You might as well put Reflux in the same tier if you consider it difficult.