My experience as a New player who started after July 20

All new Players are forced to spend money to get atleast some Engravings going.

You always have the option to create your own Group and hope for Carries to join your Group (which a lot of the time works), but you will not get invited for Orehas, Argos, Valtan or Vykas Raids.

This is simply the truth and new Players will not have the Roster, that the most of us have.

People in your Daily Guardians will be Toxic. Especially on Yohos, you see a lot of flaming recently, because a lot of people can easily push to 1370 but have no Option to gear up.

I am not sure, what Smilegate expected here. This forces people to A. be super Toxic or B. to spend Money.

And lets be honest, you do not find a single Accessorie, that you actually need for your Class. 98% of the Time, you will have to buy them from the Auctionhouse.
Which again costs Pheons, which cost Gold, that you can’t farm.

EDIT: They even have no Gold to pay for the Green and Blue Books, which are super expensive, because no one is doing the Content.

At least give them the Option to change Epic to Blue or Green - or bring some Vendor that has these types of exchanges, so T1 and T2 Content Engravings don’t get obnoxiously expensive.

Don’t make basic things P2W - you have the Option to bring Exchanges Vendors or remove Pheon Cost for Legendary Accessories, since Relic is the Endgame now. Make it easier for new Players and also give the old Vets some room the breath.

Let’s be honest here.

Amazon axed this game in the knee so hard from the beginning it’s not even funny.

Steps to make things better are painfully slow, it realy shows on player numbers. I wonder without the bots just how many actual players are out there. No wonder there will be server merges.

I fully agree with OP. New players are in a realy tough place right now.

Honestly I’m barely doing any content now. Just stocking up stuff in hope of a better tomorrow and Scouter release. It seems realy fun.

If Pheons are here to stay, at least remove Pheons from market purchases for Mokokos (new or returning). With one caveat, when a Mokoko buys an item without Pheons, it removes all “Tradable” stacks, so it can’t be used as a tactic to flip items. They could optionally spend the pheons to maintain whatever stacks the item has left.

I thought of this is less than 10 seconds. Imagine the possibilities.

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But you get plenty of those from quests, islands and maybe that Welcome Challenge replacement (it used to give a lot). If you do that additional content then you don’t need to buy any green/blue books if you pick good engravings.

At 1370 if you clear Argos P1 (or pay for P3) and Oreha then you get your class engraving acc + 2 book slots for a easy 2x3. This is good enough for Oreha and Argos, tho you might not get accepted into Argos P3 with just 2x3. With a bit of luck and patience you might get yourself 3x3 without buying from AH.

I think this only happens if people refuse to use pots, die repeatedly, party can’t get through neither stagger nor destruction because some people are on the floor and raid wipes. Additional engravings won’t help much to solve this, tho of course they would make you take damage for shorter time and potentially clear it before party runs out of revives. Still, most people who do cruel fighter don’t say a word and just move on if it was a clear.

yep, the time to get in was in february at game launch, which is the sad truth. ags is prioritising abolishing bots over the player experience, so they’ve remove all gold from many sources and made it unreasonably difficult for new players to catch up, even going as far as stopping the express event at 1370 while everyone else is 1445+. they dont take into consideration all the alts you need to sustain and gear your main at a reasonable rate. really it’s sad and i’m sorry to hear your experience.

Well the experience has definitely changed. If your doing from the start main story, well ur doing it just for the story rather than for actual useful rewards lols.

Unless AGS can find a way to hardcore cut all these botters they will never be able to fix the early main story problem for new players like earning gold and other stuff. Even now at t3 we got botters botting oreha and even in Argos. YES i have seen botters creating bot lobbies with min ilvl required of 1370 doing p3 , pretty much speed hacking LOLS.

Which comes across to another problem, which is speed hacking and teleporting. How has AGS not fixed this issue i dont get it? clearly EASYANTICHEAT is EASY BYPASS ANTICHEAT and it aint working. how does it not even detect characters teleporting? Legit see constant botters teleporting to the edge of my screen as soon as they see walk by they become legit, but as soon as their out of vision boom, blinks to NPC.

Worse is when they bot oreha, they sell at like 1-10g for accessories which everyone else sells at 50-100g. literally crashing the market lols. the moment u see average price is like 100g+ and 1 person selling for 1g u know its most likely a botter. litearlly finding all ways to bot gold.

Unless they stop botters, early game is a mess. Also dont make your character name Gibberish, if your character name is gibberish even if its legit character, and im hosting argos lobby, i see your name is gibberish im kicking you regardless because u might be a bot. No one is gonna let a character who has a bot name even if his not a bot in and the higher level content you go, the less chance ppl will let you in with gibberish name. SO MAKE SURE you get a normal character name at least not gibberish like asjdfhakjfhakfhasfjkahfasurarywejrnf.

Like one person above said, not many ppl want to get players who are on the ilvl requirement minimum to do that content because they believe it will take them longer to finish. this is why now oreha is filled with 1370 lobbies requesting carries and giving up bid on books as compensation. there is just too many 1370 with troll engravings and you literally wont clear at least in reasonable time. The advice is the moment u hit 1370. search the market and invest in legendary accessories with ur class engraving like 10-50g per access. at least u get cheap 3x3 that can last u till 1415 when valtan begins. since Argos is doable at 3x3 easily. Even if costs pheons, sell some gold for crystals and buy pheons if you need to.

I had a 1370 arcanist in my pt, with Hitmaster 3 and Keenblunt 3 and he hit the first oreha boss and the bar barely moved 1 mm. this is the reason why ppl dont want on ilvl cause of trolls like this. everyone else doing dmg except 1 person, makes problem for the other 3 who have to carry him even if their also 1370. This arcana clearly doesnt understand he needs class engraving at least lvl 1. and this guy was an alt of a guy is 150+ roster level. if even this sort of player cant get into oreha, cause we remade after seeing he did no dmg. struggling with the early amphibian mobs and u already know he got a problem.

Positive thing is not every body looks at roster level, and if u have 3x3 engravings (which are actual proper engravings for your class) ppl are willing to overlook ur low roster levels, cause to them it means at least u have a braincell. If i see sum1 with 3x vital point, or 3x ether predator making up their 3x3 at 1370, i would probs kick them too cause nobodies wants to risk getting a troll let alone a troll that does barely any dmg. p2 has an original inherent requirement because of the miniboss if u take too long, eg the party 1 miniboss does aoe wipe if u take too long. with troll engravings u aint clearing it or doing much dmg so ppl wont risk u in the pt.

the advantage now is that if your playing an older class, at least most of ur accessories at 1370 are cheaper and u can easily get 3x3 with correct engravings easily at like 10-50g each access let alone 4x3, wardancer alt for me 4x3 i averaged about spending 50-300g per access with correct 3/3 engraving (Grudge, Cursed doll, raid captain, adrenaline ez) . there is often now an inherent expectation of min correct engravings to even get into later content. like vykas ur looking for at least 4x3 correct engravings (No troll bullshit engravings).
or valtan 3x3 is doable but ppl expect 4x3 at least cause it shows at least u know ur class.

Good luck newer players, and hopefully AGS can soon find a way to cut down on these botters so that it can ease ur early game pain. :saluting_face:

Just one word… Greed

If buying gold with real money was more affordable, aka if SG and AGS were not so greedy, gold sellers were not an issue at all. But when they sell you twice the gold than SG, then we have a problem. I know that gold exchange is players driven, but there MUST be some cap implemented by devs to protect us making it always affordable and avoid being scammed and encourage players to buy gold from them.