My experience for those who want to main a new character

Before the Destroyer came, I had a 1415 Paladin. After the Destroyer came, I spent all my resources on the Destroyer. I had to buy countless leapstones and countless shards to keep up with the content. I was able to catch up with Valtan , I made Valtan normal 2 times,Valtan hard 2 times and I completed my Valtan set. I now have a 1455 Ilevel Destroyer with 4 engraving relic items and I have 300 gold. I spent more than 200k gold to achieve this. And I could not reach the future content Vykas(hard).

Now let’s examine the scenario where I don’t switch to a new character. If I didn’t want to main a new character, I wouldn’t spend gold on shard and leapstone and I would spend very little on other mats. And now I would have a Paladin above 1470ilevel. Since I didn’t spend gold on materials, I would have 4 engraves with relic items. Even if the support items were expensive. And I would probably have much, much more gold.

We can clearly see that changing the main quickly and switching to a new character affects the economy extremely badly. We can see how difficult it is to advance the new character quickly, while other characters can progress easily.

Because of this, we can’t see a high level Glaiver or Destroyer, or what we see are a couple of p2w players.

For this reason, all new and upcoming characters, including Glaiver, need to be supported. Powerpass is definitely not enough, silly chicken events are definitely not enough. 50 great leapstones provide nothing unless you are very lucky.

That’s why it should be. At least all shard and bound materials in 1 character should be transferable to the new character once, including Glaiver. If we want to preserve the equality and balance between the characters, this is a must. It is a must if we do not want to see only Berserk Sorc or Shunter in the game in the future.This is a must if we want to increase the diversity in the game.

My Destroyer needs 2000 great leapstones 300k shard in my Paladin for capture other characters. For the all new and future characters, including Glavier, need this to ensure equality and justice.

You will not be able to earn money from anyone except a few whales with the new character. On the contrary, you will lose players because of those who quit the game because they cannot switch to the new character and play at the level they want.

You can ignore what ı wrote, but as long as you don’t you will lose players.


If All materials were Roster bound my main would be 1560.

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you’re not 1560 yet? casual

Are you sure you understood what I wrote? I’m saying that only stones and shards inside a one character need to be transferable once only for new characters.

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I actually wish there was a feature that if you decide to delete let’s say a 1415 character/gear, you get back honing materials invested on it.

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Well then you keep recreating the same class if your honing fails like crazy :rofl:

Good idea

what. So make then transferable once?

shhhhh it’s an idea not a functioning feature

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Thats a good idea i would delete my soulfist in a heartbeat what a shit class.

from just a character to a newly released character.Only once.

And why exactly new character should reach the endgame in the same say/week it was created?

but you can

Because they are not created, because they did not exist when they should have been from the beginning. So I don’t see the characters as new content. No matter how fun the new character is, it’s not fun to kill igrexion with it.Everyone should be able to quickly upgrade the character that is not in the game they want to play.

This is why other regions have a general honing buff that works to get you to the ‘good’ part of the game as quickly as possible.
We will get one too… maybe.