My experience with the Lost Ark


Well this is the situation.

After almost a week of play, which has been impossible to play for more than a couple of hours, everything is still the same.

You leave work, study or simply can’t be in front of your computer, you arrive in your free time and you can’t play for the immense hours.

I know that they are working on solutions, at least that is what you tell us day after day, but hope is lost more and more to see a pleasant experience of the game.

  • How much longer is the game going to be in this state?

  • How is it possible that such a large company is not capable of having a team dedicated to solving these problems?

The only thing that keeps me like an idiot waiting in line after contributing to the game with a founder pack, is the desire I have to complete the content and the expected time to be able to play it, but there will come a time when another game of the same appears style, that day lost ark will surely lose a lot of people, and the situation experienced these days I don’t think will convince them to stay.

An MMO is not only a game, but the community that makes it up, but for now I feel that you are leaving this one aside, while you provide comments on future solutions in which days and days go by and we still do not see the light in the end of the tunnel…

I just wanted to express my frustration with amazon and the past experience these days.

Greetings and have a good evening.

Levithary, Zinnervale.

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This launch is a disaster and im mad

The launch is only really a disaster for EU, which to be fair absolutely sucks. They should have had more servers. For US there has been minimal if no ques. Hopefully the new region alleviates the pain for you guys.

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