My Feedback about future "Specialist" classes

Even if it’s hard to say… I’m okey with my kawaii artist not coming right now.
But I think it can help if AGS can create a character pre-creation for specialist class. So just the creation without the ability to play it. Because we can do it with all the other classes.

It will boost my hype. And help me to wait. There are so many things I would like to test, it would be fantastic.

Please AGS hear me out.

dude, you’re just gonna be staring at the pre-created character for a whole year. dunno about you but that would just make me sad i can’t play it.

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Thats a torture its like put food infront of a hungry man and let him sniff it only. He would rather dont see or smell it at all

For me it’s not, I’m litterally seeing artist everywhere, in forum post, in internet. I clearly would prefer seeing my artist that I taken time to create than the others artist. but I was thinking some people might think like you both, that why I’m just saying it’s my personnal feedback. Thanks for sharing yours