My Feedback from Beta after 142 hours

After over 142 hours in the Alpha/Beta I wanted to post my feedback.

First of all, I love it. But I do have a few worries and there were a few things that can mar the experience.

#1 Worry, is that the advancement is too quick with how intense the rewards are from Islands and other areas. It fits for catch up like other regions, but being able to hit the max ilvl in a few days (a bit playing intensely and relatively optimal) it is way too fast. The progression through the first tier should take longer and be more gradual.

#2 Worry, some of the localization pieces. ‘Mission Information’ is enormously misleading for the area to get the rewards from your Account level. There’s also a lot of… discontinuity… using different words for what should be the same term. (Destruction suffers from this. As does ‘Stagger’). And the Island Tokens… the term Token just doesn’t feel right… call them Island Hearts or Island Spheres… but calling them tokens just… irks me and doesn’t fit.

#3 Especially in the latter half of the story during cutscenes (even ones with no vocals) there was no sound other than music. I know that’s not the case in other regions… I imagine the sound is being retooled but please… don’t mess with it too much. Trust the devs at Smilegate.

#4 The new prologue is is disjointing. Starting at level 10 right off.not having the background on your character (the lil clip does NOT make up for it for new players). Have them as skippipable parts that lead UP to the new prologue (have both be skippable, with minor rewards that will reward an account for doing them once). They should all be optional. But PLEASE work with Smilegate RPG to bring them back.

#5 The game is great, you have a jewel of a game… take care of it and trust Smilegate RPG. Please don’t change certain things just because something in the US feels more ‘Western’ or more suitable to the audience. For some things… this works but for the vast majority it can remove what makes the game truly successful. Be VERY cautious when ever this is done, I beg you not to shoot yourselves in the leg.

#6 Please heavily consider putting forth an expected timeline for releases. Say it is a rough idea and things can be pushed back but having an idea of what will be coming at what pace will help a lot and ease some worries. Granted having this pre-launch is unlikely but… I would -love- to see something like this within a week after launch.

#7 That’s pretty much it! The beta was great. I spent 90% of it playing a class new to me and it was great! I am looking forward to the release. I really hope the above can be addressed. I am shocked at the sheer amount of content in the game! Got to try guardians, abyss dungeons, chaos dungeons, adventure islands, chaos gates, cube, tower, ‘normal’ islands, sea events, and a lot more.