My Feedback on Core Content

The most fun content in the game is the guardian raids and big abyss raids. I dont enjoy how you get locked out of them so fast. To offer more playtime I think these raids should have an option for endless rewards just like the chaos dungeons or pvp vendor.

I know the solution to this is create more alts but it’s a pain to upgrade multiple t3 alts and i dont really like alts tbh.

Once I finish my daily/weekly raid i dont know what to do for fun. I really enjoy the combat and raid bosses but due to the systems I guess the game just isnt for me?

Maybe not for you, I don’t think anyone here would know. Have you tried other content? Working on your engravings, side quests, gems, cards, mokoko, ignea tokens, giants hearts, island souls, virtues, sea bounties, Una tasks etc etc. They all work together. If you aren’t working on cards, gems, engravings alone your char isn’t as strong as you could be. There’s lots to do! Maybe you’ll find some other things you find fun too.