My feedback on T3 honing

I have no issues with grinding in games, did it enough in Ultima online when it ran, POE and WOW
But that grind was frustrating at best, but still gave you goals that you could attain with time
The failure rate in LA though is not only frustrating, but demoralising
Demoralised players will lose the will to continue and move to other games

I have failed all my hones for the last 3 days
I dont play for 10 hours per day as i have a life
I refuse to pay money to plough through this honing wall, although i always support a game with my money buying other sparklies or qol items

This business model is geared towards spending vast amounts of money to get to the end game content
Before i reached T3 i scoffed at all the complaining topics regarding honing, now i’m here myself i see exactly what they were complaining about as a real issue

I give up with honing for now and am just playing the other content
There is a saying where i come from “if things dont change they will stay the same”
With this business model you are actually losing money from people like myself because we just move on, but if the % rates were tweaked slightly so its not so demoralising then we would stay and grind through it

You can lure people to support your game through sparklies, mounts and other items, but to put a sytem in place that requires real money to reach end game content is not a winning model in my book
The whales will dry up and move on leaving casual players like myself with an easy choice
Stay demoralised or move on ourselves

I have no idea whether my style and attitude is in the majority or the minority, but i feel the way things are is not sustainable as a business plan

Here endeth my demoralised rant and i’ll get back to grinding my way through the advneture tomes, which i am enjoying and leave the real end game to folk who dont mind spending their cash to get there

A) Like in KR/RU , wait for catch-up mechanics months later in the form of:

  • Increased % honing
  • Express events (spoonfed resources)

B) Participate in current events , which are quite generous imo

C) Funnel heavy roster, alt-focused to accumulate resources
(That’s where the grind is)

D) Strategically honing , and lowering expectations
(pity system, artisan energy)

Just a few weeks back, I estimated T3 to take me at least 4 weeks before the event, with 1325 alts reducing the goal to 1370 by 0.5 weeks per alt. Thanks to the event and luck, I managed to go beyond the dead zone with relative ease. All you need is time as alts will rely on themselves with bound mats . The whole idea is to funnel main, park it at a strategical ilvl range , then push alts and back to main again (With research buff)

As for your concern regarding:

You will still be playing with someone’s else alt