My Feiton Powerpass still expired


I just need a bit of help. I play on the NA West Bergstrom server and my feiton powerpass did fully disappear after the initial week instead of being re-added like I was told would happen. I haven’t used it, am aware it’s different than the express pass (Which I did successfully use), and am just hoping I can get it put back on my account so I can use it on my Arcana in June like I intended. I am so sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate any help you can provide, thank you.

Hello @SlyWhiteFist,

Do not worry, there is not inconvenience and we are here to help in the best we can or guide in the correct way.

If you haven’t try any of these basic troubleshooting steps please go ahead and try them just to discard some other factors that might be interfering with the powerpass:

  • Verify the integrity of the game files, steps to do it will be on this link.
  • After that please close steam and re open it as admin and launch the game.

If the problem persist after trying this steps please reach out to our live customer service, they will be more than happy to open a ticket to investigate your case.

When you get a response on your ticket please let us know!.

Apart from this have a nice day and see you in Arkersia! :leaves: :dagger:

You can only use it on a low level character. It of course will not show up for your selected character which is 1385 ilvl and already completed feiton.

Try to apply the pass on a new character, it will show up.

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At the bottom of the image you can see the relevant text I included it for - “You do not have a pass and therefore cannot use one.”

Proof for ya

It has been confirmed by support already there is not one on my account, however I will do these steps for you.

Hey, as you can see the dates on this post are over a month and 10 days ago, and they never got back to me. It becomes irrelevant in the next week, so I am just guessing I am boned and will never get the power pass. I submitted 4 tickets to support, all about a week apart from eachother, to the same conclusion every time - “We have contacted the devs and will get back to you about this.” Well, turns out - that was a lie lmao, seems more like the goal is to let the problem fix itself by letting the window pass by.

Lmao, they updated it so I’d still be able to use it - super cool! Except I still don’t have one.

Can I get any update about this? At least the humanity to tell me I’m not getting it? The fact I’ve been thinking about this for 2 months is insane. Just give me any resolution, I don’t even care if it’s positive.

I’m having an issue where the Feiton Powerpass is in my mailbox unclaimable as expired with expiry date of 6/30/2022. I thought the hot fix last night would be extending the expiry to 7/20, but it’s still showing up as expired on 6/30 and I cannot claim it or use it.

Gonna just update this post once daily until I get any response.

For it to be called customer support there has to be an interaction with the customer

Hello @SlyWhiteFist ,

Greetings! :handshake:

I am sorry to know that you are still unable to use the pass.

It is good to know that you had already raised tickets with support for this issue, however, I am afraid we do not get any option to check the details on the tickets that are raised. I request you to kindly reach out to them for an update on the tickets that you have raised with them previously,

Thank you for your understanding! :star2:

Hello @tifflytuff ,

Greetings to you! :wave:

I am sorry to ,know that you are not able to claim your powerpass as it reflects as expired.

I recommend you to kindly try the steps as @Greenvcs has advised in the comment above.

In order to follow up for an update, in case a ticket is raised, kindly get in touch with live support.

Thanks so much for your patience! :magic_wand:

Hi! I did this and it said all 28k files verified. However after relaunching as admin the issue still persists.