My friend got banned for nothing

My friend started playing lost ark a week ago and he has been on for about 70+ hours already, he got banned out of no where and he is confused. He cant place a topic here at the forum cus he is so hard banned for lost ark. His char name is Vukx. Man he was so hyped over plaing and then got banned, we dont know what to do and now im sitting here asking for help on what to do and if he will ever get unbanned. PLEASE HELP

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Have them contact AGS customer support by email

Hi @alexandra.konc and welcome to the forums! I would recommend advising your friend to contact our support team, which can be found by following this link: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

Also moving this thread from the French to the English-speaking part of the forum, thank you! :slight_smile:

as above raise a ticket and if genuine they will get it lifted, if it is RMT, then it is deserved. Friends can be economical with the truth, just saying

ur friend did some rmt bro :skull: