My friend need help

@Roxx or any @Devs my friend is having a issue where he get disconnected for being in a place on the open sea and cant login on that character for days. hes Character name is Alleexxz, a paladin, the other characters he can play normally… but the paladin get “stuck”. please if anyone can check it out and help him. ( im sending this because he dont speak english well.) thanks.

@Community-Team @Developer

This man needs some help

Hey there, Miyoshi.

Your friend’s character is unfortunately stuck :confused: .

However fret not, our support team can get him out of this situation.

I’ve moved this over to the support section for you so our tech technical team can help you out.

thank you so much @Centeotl

so by now the only thing that make him “free” is deleting the game on the disck and redowloading it… but when it get stuck again he need to do that same process again. delete the game and download the game all again.

Hi @Miyoshi,

My apologies to hear about your friend’s situation. If the character gets stuck again let me know and I can relocate it to try to unstuck it.
Also if your friend is getting stuck every time in the same place my suggest would be to tell him to please play the game avoiding that particular place momentarily and if is possible to contact our colleagues in the Customer support for in depth research and solve that issue as soon as possible in future patches.

Cheers. :leaves:

okay thank you @Firus , i will let him know.

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