My friend thought he could catch up what a mistake

oh boy, has this happened to others
my friend just tried to catch up to do new raid he spent 500$ and got nowhere. (this is after he seen his favorite twitch people pay and leech of the community to access the content) couldn’t help but laugh at him but when i heard he spent his food money i was shocked and i asked him why he did it he said because he was so close and wanted to do the raid so for fun. this is a guy who watches twitch and has seen all his favorite streamers either spent 5k or leech of their community to get ilvl btw 500$ got him 5 ilvl he is still 10 ilvls short from doing the content. id think spending 500$ should at least get you in the raid. i feel bad for him i do not think this experience will keep him playing the game. i asked him to put his experience up here but i do not think he will


Your friend has a problem if he is sacrificing his money he needs to live in order to play a video game. And you should seriously talk to him about that.


If you spend your food money you are just delusional imo.

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i have tried i guess he has an impulse /fomo problem he in my eyes is still a kid im older so i dont have these problems. but he is a college student cant tell him anything

Who asked you to share the story ?

As an older friend, you should be the best person to advise in terms of this. If he has an impulse/FOMO problem, suggest him to seek professional care…

ya thanks ill pass it on ive already tried, it goes in one ear out the other cant force someone to do something they do not want to

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500$ gets you nearly 1 milion gold… how did he not get 15 ilvl is beyond me. Ppl say you need 100K gold from 1340 to 1370 lol

If your friend is that bad with his money it’s his problem. Not the streamers problem. Not the games problem, his problem.

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this was through the real store not RMT and the people that told you about the 100k to 1370 are the same people that told him “oh its just 100k just use the store”

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500$ in game store is not the same as 500$ RMT lmao, all the people saying they got to 1380+ spending 500$ or less spent it on gold websites not in game :joy: There are legit streamers showing them spending thousands a day hitting the daily spending limit and they cant even hit 1400. Those pics floating around of people at ilvl 1490 are without a doubt RMTing lmfao

if you think 500 dollars gets you a mill, the only thing in question is your algebra skills.

he has never had an issue with his gaming before so idk seems to me like whatever happened with this game / situation made him spend

uh what

Where did you get these numbers from? 100k is far from what you need to get to that point. In my server’s market, a single honing attempt would cost me around 900 gold at 1325, with a 60% success chance. That’s a 9k EV (not counting that weapons are more expensive) to get to 5 ilvls. At 1340, it gets 50% more expensive with half the success rate, so a 27k EV per 5 ilvls between 1340 and 1350, 54k to get from 1350 to 1355 with the further reduced rate, 65k each 5 ilvls between 1355 and 1365 with the higher mat requirement and 100k for the last 5 lvls with the lower rate. We’re talking 340k of gold from 1340 to 1370, or 100k JUST FOR THE LAST 5 LEVELS.

If you spend your food money on a video game, that’s no ones fault other than yours. It should be painfully obvious food > games

This is very wrong. Based on Royal Crystal exchange rate you get under 200k gold for $500 you could bump that up by selling skin chests instead but it’s no where near even half a million gold.

In addition Mattjestic did the math on this and just +13-+15 can cost anywhere from 200k-300k gold based on pricing data from US West 3 days ago on average, could be much more if you’re unlucky. This assumes you are supplying your own leapstones and rate up mats which you’re probably not able to have enough so you can expect that number to be higher.

i am 100% with you but i know this kid like i said i say kid because he is to me but he is an adult no gambling history never had an issue with money this is new for him


Look I wont argue that the release schedule or elements of their cash shop are predatory. But at the end of the day I think posts specifically like these actually give a bad look to the game.

If your friend saw streamers blowing $5000, he should have had the understanding that $500 wasn’t going to cut it. Him diving in anyways and wasting his money for food? He has no one to blame but himself.

But coming on the forums about a failed whaling experiment is like coming on the forums and complaining that your friend lost $500 and their money to eat playing slots at a casino. You’re not going to get sympathy, you’re just going to get more people telling you that your friend has a problem.

I’d suggest you try harder. In Korea they have a whaling limit for this exact reason. (Not that it would have protected your friend in this case)

If you spend your food money on a video game you are a gambling addict and you have a problem. The company is exploiting your problem because there is very little oversight of microtransactions most places and they are allowed to circumvent gambling laws and prey on addicts.

If anything it could be that he’s had these urges but due to his age he hasn’t been in many situations for those type of urges to manifest.

It could be the beginning of a downwards spiral if he hasn’t grown out of this by the time he’s old enough to gamble etc