My friend was wrongfully banned months ago

My friend has been banned falsely and has attempted to get unbanned for many months, ban appeals always declined. I have been trying to find ways to help him and i found out i might have a better chance through here.

I asked him to explain everything and this is what i got:

I got banned roughly september of 2022 for “suspected cheating” all I did before I got banned was trying to break the barrier for the makoko seed and since I was solo it took me a long time so I kinda just held down my mouse button after 8 minutes I got suspected and I left to continue the story, I had to grab so food so I went afk for 5 minutes and once I got back to my computer It said I got banned for “cheating’ I’ve always enjoyed this game so I wouldn’t have a reason to cheat in it for any reason

Region: NAE
Server: Galatur
Nick: Soricyn (I believe)
Steamid: 76561198159433846

Hopefully we can get this fixed, if you need more information please let me know and ill ask him.

@Roxx someone told me you helped with their wrongful ban. Hoping we can work together to fix this

Hello there @Kytex, welcome to the Lost Ark forums,

Thank you for the information, I’m sorry to hear about this situation with your friend, now in case you are not aware of here in the forums none of the moderators have access to any information regarding bans so unfortunately we can’t help you directly.

I can see that you are already familiar with the appeal process since I can see that you have sent appeals before as you mention, I recommend that you send a new appeal to the team with all the information that you have right now as precise and accurate as possible, the appeal team are the only ones that can assist you with your account ban. I will share the link with you for convenience:

Thank you for your understanding!


We are unsure how to proceed, the appeal never goes through. We need a genuine staff member involved with this false ban.

Hi @Kytex,

If you are still unsure on how to proceed I’m afraid I will have to reiterate that the appeals team is the only ones that can assist with this, I don’t have any access or visibility about bans so I can’t help you in anyway. If you haven’t submitted an appeal in the last 48 hours and haven’t received a response then you can do it again and even add the link to this post for extra information. I have to inform you that multiple tickets won’t speed up the process.

Also instruct your friend to check their spam folder as sometimes the responses from our team might get redirected there.

I hope this clarifies the procedure for you.


he sent me this

it seems like no action or thought is being taken. He did not cheat at all, please get us some actual help! @Roxx

Hi @Kytex,

Unfortunately it seems that is the decision of the appeals team, I’m sorry to say that there is nothing else we can do.

Thank you for your understanding!