My friends have started to embrace botting

AGS wont solve the issue, they arent banning RMT or use of BOTS, now the conclusion is f it, if you cant beat em then join em. Personally im outtie, back to league



It’s not recommended to encourage botting. Please be aware that you may result to a perma ban in future apon using it.

Once banned there is no way back and your account could be suspended from the forums.

The team is working on it, sometimes bots script are smarter then years ago, but they do get all banned in the end. Most of the time after each update there script won’t work anymore.

Why do people get so worked up over bots. Yea it’s bad for the economy, but that doesn’t deny you from playing the game.

oof… tell that to the people on NA west that are constantly stuck waiting in a 10k queue for hours on end due to the hundreds of thousands of bots that are in the game :joy:


interferes when the queue is 12k :rage: :rage: :rage:

Ah yes, the que times…my bad we don’t have those on East.

just wondering: r u the guy had a post before regarding “my friend’s account got banned and he never cheated…”?!