My friends wanted to come back with this update

A few of my friends played the game at launch, some made it to t2, some all the way to 1340, and some not that far. So earlier this week I was talking about how there’s a pretty big update coming with more events and catch up mechanics to help your main and get you set up with a couple alts, they decided they might get back on. So Thursday rolls around and they hop on. They see some pass with big rewards, okay, put it on the main. THEN it opens up and shows what its REALLY about: boosting a low leveled character.

I realize there was SOME info on what the pass was meant for, but most of the people who have not played recently, aren’t patch notes readers, or otherwise make mistakes, PLEASE do something for them. Give them a way to switch it, they are so bummed.

The content that gets released, especially the content geared towards incoming players or players that haven’t been on in awhile needs to be so much clearer. Put Cyfy’s video at the top of the patch notes. Information on this game is not always clear and easy to find, and even most dedicated players like myself did not know what to expect from the Express Pass because the patch notes barely mentioned it.

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