My game keeps crashing after loading punika

I have spent 1k hours in game so far and i have loved most of it. All of the sudden, one morning my games would crash either in the loading screen after character selection after selecting a character in punika or in the loading screen before opening the game. I deleted the game and re-installed it but it still happened. I opened a different server and created a new character there but this time it didn’t crash even after playing there for 1 hour. Please, if possible find a solution to fix this mess cause i would really like to go back into the game and ignore my problems a little longer.

edit: to be more specific, the t2 character plays just fine but the other 5 at t3 crash for some reason
edit 2: managed to pull my main from punika to yorn and the crashes stopped for that specific character. Tried to move my zerker but it crashed 5 seconds after loading

Post in the support section and ask for your characters to be moved outside of punika until they fix whatever is wrong.

i moved my characters one by one through 3 hours of crashes to yorn and they stopped crashing

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