My Guild is gone

Hey, so I created a guild a month ago and I was the only person in it. I took a break from playing about a week or 2 ago and now when I log in, I’m no longer in a guild and I can’t create the same guild as it says ‘This guild name is already taken’ and it doesn’t pop up when I search for the guild either. I’m not sure if guilds get removed for inactivity or if the name was reported and it was deleted, but I would think I would get notified if that happened. Any info is appreciated, thank you.

you probably need to contact live support via the official website, so you can give them more info in private!

Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

The best option right now is to take a closer look at your account @Iroz just like Arioch was saying. You can reach us using this link: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

We don’t these cases via forums as we need to access personal information from the account.

I want to thank @Arioch for taking the time to reply to the post as well, we do really appreciate it.

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