My honest opinion on the pvp state

So I have been playing games since I remember, and one of those games is WoW, and what I most enjoyed was arenas, and I felt like, besides skill in the game what made you win the game most of the times was comunication with your teammates, but since in Lost Ark you can’t queue with mates in the ranked system you have basicly no comunication not only because you are not speaking with the people directly, also because those are people you don’t often comunicate with so it completely changes it.
I also think that, specialy as a new player, that is realy hard to climb, I feel like comps have a much bigger impact on the game than your own skill, as much as you play you can increase your chances of winning but if are unlucky of your teammates not being able to follow up, or their comp is just way too strong you chances of winning are realy low, for example sometimes I went against two supports, a bard and a paladin and we were all the same rank and my team just couldnt do anything, besides that there is tons of times where one team as a support and the other doesnt, and yes I won a few games that I didn’t had a support and they had but I can admit that most of the times the team that has the support wins. I don’t know the exacly solution to this because I understand if you can queue up with friends lots of comps could be exploited, although maybe in that case try to balance things with that, maybe add a ranked system to the team elimination game mode, and try to balance it aswell because there is classes that are better for 1v1s, or maybe had a system that, or the two teams have a support or non has.
Ps. sorry im not a english native speaker, if sometimes my writtin is confusing.

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I’ve seen a few posts around the forums that have made mention of what you’re talking about and hoping that the system is altered to better take into account what classes get picked for each team.

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Even tho the rng team comps are annoying ah there is room to show your skill in arena.

• 21:9 both teams cameras are tilted 90° your top and bottom pov is your enemies side of pov and viceversa so blind spot engage is a thing to master
• roll back cd tracking
• SA / Stagger interactions. Most classes have hard cc that go trhough the yellow thing.
• Class counters and roles
• Game awareness like peels and team adaptability/ manipulation/ ping communication.
• playing with the time / overtime not rushing to a fight with low health when is almost over or saving your awakening for the last seconds where everyone gets anxious about the score.

Pvp in Lost Ark seems to be about team play on an rng enviroment i also don’t like all of it since it feel like a LoL aram ranked for me and while it has its mechanic this are more teamplay related.
I would love to have 3v3 elimination where you actually can demonstrate a clear elo superiority with Ace (1v3).
Anytime a player is able to wipe an entire team by his own i think is the most badass player around cause not many players can pull that off.