My hopium list for summer

-vykas 3rd week of june
-the summer island event with booba skins
-2 classes per month from now… maybe…? knowing artist wont be out any time soon, maybe a scouter/arcana june and reaper/summoner july would be my ( personal ) order ( dont get me wrong those are the classes im waiting for but i know everyone’s begging for their class to be the first released, so lets w/see)
-t3 powerpass : im guessing their cadence for powerpasses will very likely be every two months, and maybe a T3 bc were all t3 now
-abyss trial
-some QoL
-?paid powerpass?
-ok so heres my biggest hopium : hyper express event, that would actually be cool if they consider release that but im kinda being delusional maybe thats too much

clown will for sure not be out in july bc they obviously dont want another argos drama so i dont except much july apart from the usual new things ( skins, events … )

and yea thats pretty much it for me, and u whats ur hopium predictions?