My Issue isn't Maintenance, it's when they do it

As the title says, I’m not blind to game development, I understand that if the game or servers are broken/breaking in some way, then it needs to be fixed asap. My Issue is when they choose to do it. Let’s just take a look here at the timing for the last 3 days in a row of maintenance:

NA: 3:00am - 6:00am EST and 2:00am - 5:00am EST. (Literal last few hours before reset, sucks to be a last minute group of friends trying to finish Rohendel before using up their daily chaos dungeons or guardian raids

AUS: 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Literal primetime for after work gaming.)

EU: EU servers tend to go down sooner than others so let’s say 6:00am - 9:00am (Rip early morning Bois, but honestly the least egregious of the group )

My Point: Timing sucks, and if they can’t bring down servers at different times that make sense, then maybe choose a better time slot, maybe idk 3 hours later than 3 hours before reset?! (Yes I have an NA bias.)


for me (germany) its 9am-12am, so its literally the whole morning…


2am-5am or 3am-6am is ideal since that is night time when most people sleep. this is when they bother the least amount of players

Didn’t you know… Australia doesn’t exist and the people claiming to be Australian are just paid actors. Therefore no-one is affected.

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EU is more like 9-12 and thats my primary gaming time as im working afternoons. Also, they announce it in the middle of the night, like 4 hours in advance, when everyone is sleeping. If they cared enough, they could announce it a day in advance. So I could decide wether to pull a long night and just sleep it out till noon since I wont be able to play otherwise.
I agree that my biggest problem isnt the maintenence (eventhough the sheer amount of downtime is ridiculous af) or the queues (not bigger than in other games in release month), but the amount of downtime, crashes, bugs and their communication about it.

Part of that communication was blaming players internet connection when login was bugged for tons of players, giving out bad advice like “turn off your ipv6” or “open ports”… Like, no, dude…

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I agree. I live in Sydney and only have time to play in the evening. Since there is no AU server I’m using America West which has the best ping but not more than an hour of play the server goes down and that’s it. It’s happened every day and it’s getting to a point that I just have to tell myself I won’t be able to play this game until they create an AU server. What stings a bit more is that I bought the founders pack so it’s that much more frustrating.

Clearly prioritizing NA here, we just need to be loud enough for them to split the maintenance between regions - its the standard practice.

but can we expect such a small indie operation to have the manpower and funding to do that?

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If only the game was hosted by one of the biggest companies in the worlds…


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Sorry mate - but you got that mixed up there.

OCE/AUS are the most affected - correct

But europe loses an entire morning for no reason. Our maintenances do NOT happen from 6-9am. they’re usually from 8/9 to 11/12.

The ideal times would always be 2/3am to 5/6am. Independent for each region.

AUS/OCE would still suffer - as there are no official servers or region for them. :\

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Are you trying to suggest that NA have it worse on timing windows than EU? LMAO.

yes, precisley that its middle of the night/very early morning for US no?

They need to do EU maint 3 hours earlier. Simple.

Main problem for today is that they’re making a maintenance on the last hours before the weekly reset. I still had some stuff to do…

Hold up my man, you think 3am-6am is a WORSE timing window than 8am-11am?
Are you insane?

Oh wait I cant read my bad, read it the other way around

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I was gonna say, EU definitely have it the worst out of everyone, except maybe OCE :stuck_out_tongue:

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