My last forum post

This is my last forum post. AGS has taken too long to release the classes in NA Ark. I have quit the game due to waiting. Im not impatient, a year was more than enough time to release all the classes in Lost Ark but AGS failed at that task. I dont mind waiting for content but waiting for classes in a game like this is ridiculous. Why did you wait so long to release artist? Who is the person who makes these decisions as they should be held accountable for single handedly causing so many people to quit the game. Like i said ive now officially quit Lost Ark at 2600 hours of play time. Im not waiting for you to drip feed the classes we want to play anymore. Dont care about the censorship i just want to have fun. This is my last my post on these forums as im sure ive voiced my frustration enough. The community doesn’t need to hear me cry over artist and aeromancer every day and we all know these posts aren’t read by AGS employees. Well done AGS you ruined it. Well done to SG because the game you made is great its just unfortunate what happened to the NA version. I wish the people making the decisions played games themselves and weren’t these out of touch nobodys who only know marketing strategies and how to make the most money off minimum effort and slowest content releases possible. Dont get me started on the CMs with their, “ill let the devs know.” replies to peoples posts. Its not their fault we have these issues and also they clearly cant get anything changed. They are just people who need a job and don’t really do anything no offense. They don’t make the decisions, they cant be held accountable they are just people doing a job. But there is a group of people making the decisions to drip feed content, ignore bots, ignore the community and those are the people that need to be held accountable. While i enjoyed my time in Lost Ark i never got to play the classes i wanted to after an entire year and that is actually messed up. Have fun waiting.
-Obi out


Sad, but here in west: Class = Content. Its a tricky to hold the players, and try bring back the old ones that quitt already, but i think this is not the right decision too. Good luck on your freedom and new journey in another game.

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