My last thought on Lost ark

I’ve been playing since june, 2300 hours in game, $$$ spent, It is a good game, the legion raids is good, the characters are funs but there lots of problems with the global releases

  1. EAC
    EAC is the most problematic one in this game, It’s very sensitive to latency, took most of cpu usage, Loading is slow and basically did nothing to cheaters. If you know how to reverse engineering and write scripts EAC is easily bypassed.

  2. Bots
    Bots really ruin the games, at the first time the bot hits, 10k+ queue waiting on all servers, Guardian raids and dungeon ruined by the bots because they just there doing stupid things. While there was time the bots make books cheaper, now they make blue crystal skyrocketed. If they wanna bans bots, at least make it device ban, so the botters won’t be able to use the same computer to bots.

  3. The dailies gets stale quick
    Running Una task, teleporting there and there, 2x guardian raids, 2x chaos dungeon, on 6+ characters will make it boring quick, but when you left it and max the rest point you lose half of your reward except una’s daily.

  4. Gatekeeping and Toxicity
    The gatekeeping is getting bad, not everyone have all alt at 1490+ and time to play all day, if you’re on ilvl most likely you’ll have to wait for an hour just to go to 1 legion raid when the saviour accepted you. “Oh, just make your own group”, yes, but most likely support won’t join, it doesn’t matter when all your teammate is veteran on legion raid and doesn’t need supp, but we don’t have the ability to know that.

The toxicity on the raid has increased incredibly too when most of players have dropped the game, only elitist remains, hence if you fucked up raid even once, some people will talk shit and wanting to quit immediately. It’s not fun when you’re chilling on raids and some people yell at you.

  1. Pheons on ability stones
    This is just subjective to me but I really fucking hate cutting stones, I’ve wasted 200k+ on stones
    alone, pheon price not included, and don’t even manage to cut 7-7 stones. what makes it terrible is that the pheon price on the stone add significant more gold expenditure.

  2. They don’t communicate to us enough
    When there’s problem/maintenance they don’t communicate to us enough about the insight or what they’re doing to fix the problem. It sucks when you’re doing raid and suddenly there’s emergency maintenance that fixes absolutely nothing.

I think that’s all the thought in I have in my head, It was good game but it’s ruined for me after several fiasco that has happened the last 3 months. I’ve sold everything and don’t think I will be back again, except when the rmt prices drop so low so I can gear up again. Adios, Ciao. have a good time guys.


No shit you burn out if you dont do stuff rested rofl.

And with unas daily, you lose out more than half.

I would never under any circumstances touch guardian raid without it being rested.
Chaos dungeon i could touch non rested, for you can just afk it with betrayal set ( so i can do it when i do market or whatever)

Just improve your alt so its not shit. Then you will easily get to A or S tier parties instantly and - who needs supp anyway ?

Yeah thats kinda dumb, but - u can get over that by getting legendary engravings.
Never bought a single stone ever, and my alts slaps.

As for the rest, sure.

this line says it all.
You’re not wrong about a lot of stuff, but clearly you’re suffering from burnout. I’ve been playing since day 1 (February) and I only have about 300h more than you. You’re clearly trying to be omega efficient in a game that that allows you to chill for a few days without losing much.

I see a lot of people using this argument, but this is hyper subjective. I honestly like the days where there’s nothing left to do and I can just chill for a couple of hours and do some dailies. More often than not, if you can’t seem to find some level of joy in the dailies you’re either burned out or you simply don’t like the game as much as you think/say.

I mean… there’s many ways to avoid gatekeeping. one of them is playing with your guild. Make an effort to join guild raids with characters that are more likely to get denied. This allows you to bring your better geared chars to pug raids without too much time or fuss.

I do get it though. My Reaper is denied all the time even though I’m already 6p Relic, perfect stats and 4x3+1 engravings and even some Lvl 7 gems… Nothing you can do about it some times. Just gotta push through it.

2k hrs since Feb, OP I know where you are coming from but I never got gatekept from the game EVER. I only play legion raids /Argos and weeklies simply from making the party myself. I have my main on 1490 with 5x3, few 1490s with 4x31, 1460s that has 3x3 with lvl3 gems, and 2 1445s with 3x3.
Why do I never get gatekept? Cuz I make my own party, I gatekeep people, and I have no probkem running the game. All you need is practice for knowing how to be a good leader in the raid groups. It’s really that simple.
If you don’t want the responsibility that leaders have? Well too bad you gotta deal with people gatekeeping you

Bruh 2,3k hours since june? Im at 2k and im playing since day 1… No wonder you think unas/guardians and chaos are getting boring, you even said rest point will make you lose stuff so you fomo and did all dailies every day with every char.
Damn what a burnout. This game is not a job.