My Lost Ark accoun is banned

I bought the game Lost Ark on Steam on February 19th, and I love it so much that I have played it for nearly 200 hours since it opened (Attachment 1). It is really a great game, with gorgeous appearance and rich content, amazon’s excellent service let me play this game smoothly. But it was permanently banned on 28/02/2022 . I don’t use any third party software in the game and my Steam VAC status indicates that I do not use any third party software (Attachment 2). It may be that Amazon blocked my account by mistake. I bought about $3000 props in this game (attachment 3). I like this game very much, please help me unblock my game account, and I will continue to support this game.
My Steam account : zou258158197AA
Lost Ark server: Mari of the American West
character name: Onestars
Character Level: level 52
Characters: Berserker
Thank you again, please help me unblock my game account.

For 3k they better solve your problem tonight hahaha.

P.S. It might take a while.

What did they say your ban was for? xD

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And when you appealed the ban they said what?

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I’m curious as well. I’ve heard of other people getting false bans having to dig through multiple layers of automated replies and customer service before having their issues resolved.

They probably banned you so that you stop spending so much, you got a problem my dude, i dont care if you are a millionaire, spending 3k on the first 2 weeks of a free2play asian mmo is just braindead.

PS. Send tickets, forums wont help you.

Getting banned is RNG? Lmao

Be honest, did you realize after Feb 27th that you were getting ripped off by trading gems for gold and went with a 3rd party site? If so that’s why you were banned :slight_smile:

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