MY lost ark download is queued on steam and I bought a founders pack through steam

MY lost ark download is queued on steam and I bought a founders pack through steam


Yep, along with thousands of other’s. Steam issues.


How do I reslove thsis problem I am having

You can’t. Steam has to resolve it.

Now we wait…

I was looking forward to playing lost ark with the 3 day head start but now I can not do it even through I bought a founders pack through steam

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Same , cannot download the game with steam


Steam will fix the issue as soon as possible, I’m sure.

Please restart Steam to solve this, then you are hanging at the download waitsnake^^

im in the same boat, if i dont get to play today im getting a refund of my platinum and just play for free. they are going to lose millions with this bs. Not even koreans can get launches right ffs. I knew when i went to bed last night that I would wake up this nonsense. Can no game every just launch and you login with no problems and play? That can’t seem to exist in this day n age.


its been 25 mins and people are acting like all their time was wasted. Prepare for queue to the servers after you launch the game

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What does download queued mean on steam for lost ark and do I have to manually download the game or will the game download on its own

I think we prepare for longer waiting not more. Its waisting time cause we all bought a Founderspack to play at headstart.

I downloaded the Game yesterday. It could be able that the Game gets and update on Server opening. I think the Servers cant manage the Mass of Players on Headstart. I hope we get an official Statement^^

If I pay another $15 can I move to the top of the download queue??? LMAO. Grab another coffee boys, its time to wait lonnnnnnnger…

People paid real money for early access to secure names…Thier money is getting wasted as well as time.

This is so annoying… I wanted to get ahead of the queue and be able to secure my name. Having to wait on this is stressful. Will it auto download the update or do we need to keep clicking it?

Yea this is no surprise but completely fail from AGS and Steam, they were happy to take money for a headstart that many of us cant use now. Really wanted to see this game but should have known better as Steam is a steaming pile of #@$!
and AGS , well I fell for New World briefly

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It will auto download. Just leave Steam open and how you have it now.