My mail expired, but my items didn't move into my inventory/storage

I purchased a couple of mounts (goldne clouds) off of the Market Place so that I could resell it at a later time and make profit, however, the one mount that I left in my mailbox appears to have expired and the item wasn’t forced into my inventory or storage???

If the item is truly gone, then I’ve lost 17K gold and another 33k in profits.

I don’t understand how this is possible! No other game lets mailed items just dissapear (or at least the ones I’ve played). And it’s a cash item, not honing mats. Items in the mail shouldn’t just dissapear for starters, but these are LIMITED cash shop items! I cannot fathom!!!

I hope to god this is a bug.

Those mails have a limit of 30 days. You were right when expecting cash item not expiring, because they don’t. Cash shop item here means you buy it directly from F4 shop. Then the item will stay in your product inventory with no expiration.

Buying on market place with gold? Too bad will expire.

Are you a new player, they already warned that market items not claimed in the mail would expire if not claimed in time. And why not just claim them and toss them in one of your alt for a latter selling?

But it’s a limited cash shop item. It’s not like you can farm these from in the game; once they’re gone from the cash shop, you can’t buy them any more.

Bet if you were the one to lose out, I doubt you’d just suck it up and be all “oh welp, sucks for me!”

Yea relatively. There’s no warnings to say what would happen if they expire and I couldnt’ find the answer anywear on the help centre. Figure they would what every other game does an force-retrieve the item and place into inventory/storage.

I never let my mails expire. I clearly see the mails saying “29d left” so why would I think it won’t expire? “29d left” is not the same as “no time limit.”

I would. Because if so that’s on me for not reading. But I just claim things right away so it will never happen. Product inventory is a different thing. I leave things sitting in there because I know they don’t expire.

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As other users have stated. Items purchased on the market will expire after 30 days.

You can try creating a support ticket.

I’ll also provide feedback to the team that your situation is less than ideal.

Hope that helps.

Hello, I tried to contact Arogos on September 23 yesterday. The power failure occurred in the community and the network was disconnected. It was restored one hour later, but my ticket was not returned when I logged in again. I’m in Western North America, Valant server, name: Chbayi

doesnt like every mmo delete mail after X amount of days :joy:

Hello @JackSparrow!

Is your issue different to the one in this thread? If so would you be able to create a new forum post, so that we don’t clutter this post. Thanks!