My main is stuck in forest of giant

My main charachter is stuck in forest of giant and i swear to god im not doing all of it again so please get him out support people

Hey @kravmaca, welcome to the Lost ark forums!

What’s the name of your character and on which server is it on?

I can help you relocating it and see if it solves it. :wink:

nekstaz on calvasus

Thanks a lot, I’ll move it to a safe area, it wont take me much, I’ll tag you here once it’s done so stay around!

@kravmaca please log off the game while I relocate your character. :slight_smile:

oh shit im doing the abyssal dungeon my alt

That’s ok. take your time and let me know once you’re done! I can wait for sure. :smiley:

finally done, my teamates were dying like idiots sorry

No worries, take a look and see if you can log in with your character now.

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yup all good thank you xoxo

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I’m glad it worked!

Let me know if you need help with anything else and stay safe! :smiley: